Freeing Lost Souls from Darkness

The Lord has shown me that we are a generation that will prepare the earth for His return. There will be great trials, but also a harvest. What we sow in the Spirit of our heavenly Father, although we may not see it now, will have an eternal purpose and build a foundation of righteousness upon which Christ will establish His eternal kingdom. We are merely forerunners and messengers and must remember that it is His kingdom and He will ultimately establish it.

The simple message of the gospel is the salvation of souls. The more difficult message is the warfare wrestled against the powers and principalities that dwell in dark places. I have discovered that what we perceive as victory is not necessarily what the Lord perceives. We want to do and finish, but He wants to spend time with us and build us up as His people in faith and love. He allows only in part, but we want to do everything now. This is for the patience and perseverance of the saints. He is long-suffering. But we must learn to suffer for a long time; travailing in prayer over our loved ones who are not saved, just as the Lord continually weeps for those who are lost and perishing.

War does not end until the war is over. There will be no cease-fire or compromise—only the final destruction of our enemy at the time of the Lord's return. Then the war will end, and peace will prevail upon the earth. A seasoned warrior recognizes that each battle is won; each victory is only temporary until the enemy brings reinforcements. Every piece of ground we claim, every life we fight for, the enemy will do everything in his power to destroy. It is, therefore, a never-ending battle. That is why we must pray without ceasing.

So, our warfare has one primary purpose; to free men and women from the forces of darkness, thereby giving them a chance to receive the truth of His love. We fight with love and not hatred, with kindness and not cruelty, with mercy and not the judgment of the law. It is an opposite spirit and opposes everything that is naturally in our flesh. And when we walk according to His Spirit, His mere presence within us causes demons to flee. Every place we walk and everything we touch becomes holy, for He is Holy. But it is the love of Christ manifests through us that destroys these dark powers. This is how the foundation of His kingdom is established. It is built upon the righteous acts of the saints. Not according to our flesh, but according to His Spirit. Our treasure in heaven is Christ Himself, and our crown of glory will shine with the souls of the men and women we lead to Him.