United States

The Fall of a Man

I was looking at a landscape in eastern Africa, most likely Kenya; low rolling hills, dry savannah, brush, and scrub trees. Some men had a hot air balloon, and they were enticing others to get into their basket. A man got in, and I could see the balloon rising out of the trees. I then found myself in the spirit looking upward from inside the basket. It was amazing. We left the earth and ascended above the stratosphere. I could see billions of stars in the galaxy with remarkable clarity. There was one man principally in control of the basket. He was very evil. He was Satan. I could now see the basket far above the earth. It was a beautiful scene; the curvature of the earth below, a ring of orange and purple where the sun was reflecting off the atmosphere, and a brilliant black sky above dotted with stars.

Our Country Falling Again

I was flying in an airplane. This was a familiar experience for me, and I had a similar vision in January 2009. The plane was full, and I was sitting near the back. Everything was dark outside. Suddenly, both engines shut off, and the plane rolled to the right and began plummeting to the earth. I stood up and said in a loud voice: “This would be a good time to pray to Jesus!” No one responded. As the plane descended, I could hear voices in the background mocking America. They sounded demonic.

A War Involving the United States and Israel

I awoke one morning, and the power of the Holy Spirit fell upon me. I heard in the spirit that a war involving the United States and Israel would break out in the Middle East in December. I then heard in the spirit that a great storm would come to this country for three months, from January to March, and that during this storm the Lord would pour out His spirit upon the Church, and great signs and wonders would be seen amongst God’s people.

The Lights Taken Out of the World

I was sitting in what appeared to be my apartment in Washington DC. I was on the bed doing work or reading. The TV was on to my left, but I was not watching it. Suddenly, the lights and television faded out to complete darkness. I could see, hear and sense the energy being drained out of the entire system. I went to the window and peeked through the mini blinds. It appeared that I was on about the 7th floor of a tall building. The entire city was in a complete blackout, and there were no lights as far as the eye could see. The sky was an eerie dark grey color with very little natural light penetrating. All the buildings were covered in about four inches of frozen snow. Directly in front of me was an old steeple church building. It was also eerily dark and lifeless.

The Black Tsunami

I found myself along with several other people standing at the bottom of the ocean on a smooth bed of dark grey; almost black sand. The water had disappeared. Suddenly, to the east, I saw a large tsunami wave approaching. It stretched across the horizon as far as I could see. The power of the water had sucked up the blackish sand and had turned the wave into the same disturbing color. There was no way to escape, so I held my breath and prayed. The wave crashed down, and I could feel its weight upon me. Everything was now completely dark and tumultuous.

Airplanes Falling from the Sky

I was flying in a commercial plane. I did not know those around me. Suddenly the plane began falling from the sky. The pilot was trying to recover, but with no success. I knew that we would all be killed, but I was ready to meet the Lord. To my surprise, the plane crashed on its belly and was not destroyed. People were panicking to get out, so I opened a large window towards the back of the plane, and everyone disembarked without any injuries.

The Volcano Under the Shopping Mall

I was in New England driving westbound on a new road that appeared to be under construction. The gravel was down, but there was no asphalt. A construction crew was planting trees in neatly spaced square planter boxes. The boxes were covered with beautiful fall colored leaves that had become frozen to the ground. Something seemed off. It was summer or early fall construction season, but the ground had already become frozen as if winter had set in. As I drove further west, I could see rolling green hills frosted with snow. It was only September or October, but again winter appeared to have come very early.

Our Country Falls

I was in an airplane that was about to take off. The plane headed down the runway in an easterly direction. It seemed to be lacking power and could not get very far off the ground. The pilot was heading towards a large bridge, and to avoid colliding with it leveled the plane and flew under the bridge. He then tried to gain altitude, but again the plane lacked power. I was sitting in the first row behind the cockpit. I could see the plane heading towards a building. The pilot banked the plane to the left and clipped the right wing on a billboard that was on top of the building.

Banners of Prophesy

I was standing on a busy city street. I saw my prophetic dreams written unto tall banners that were hanging from the side of a building. There were many banners; extending for several blocks and extending to a height of twenty or thirty feet. Many people were walking by, but not even one noticed the banners. I wanted the people to read them because I knew they contained important information, but they just continued walking by; too distracted with their own business. I looked down at the bottom of one banner and noticed abbreviations that read like a legend. Each banner had multiple abbreviations, each referencing a different aspect of the dream. I knew in my spirit that it was time to display these to the world because the end is very near.

Judgment on America

I was on the upper floor of an office building looking at renderings of spaceships used in the Star Wars films. Looking out of the large glass windows towards the southwest, I could see a flat landscape that looked like Los Angeles; the ocean was stretched across the horizon. Suddenly a very dark cloud formed over the water and moved quickly inland. It was frightening, and I could see people running in terror from the lightning bolts that were striking the ground. The cloud moved across the landscape and then disappeared to the east. Another black cloud quickly appeared over the ocean; this one further north and headed my direction. I dropped to my knees and began praying. The cloud continued to advance but then steered away from the building. As the cloud moved past the windows, I saw what appeared to be a man driving a semi-truck. I knew that he was an angel and I ran out of the room to meet him. I then found myself in a stairwell, the man and another woman were walking up the stairs. I smiled and asked if he wanted to join me for dinner. Reluctantly he agreed, but the woman did not seem convinced. She had a task to complete and was not interested in distractions.

Storms from the East

I was in the Midwest part of the country, sitting in a large open plain on a lawn chair looking at what appeared to be a soccer game. Other people were sitting with me. Suddenly, dark black clouds came from the south and southeast. I could see lighting in the distance and knew that a storm was approaching. They looked far enough away, and it seemed that we had at least ten minutes or so before they arrived. As soon as I sat back down the clouds supernaturally accelerated towards us. I was shocked by what I just witnessed. The wind was now blowing hard, and heavy rain was pouring down. Lighting was striking all around us. I ran inside a nearby abandoned building for shelter. I called for the other people to come with me, but they ran towards their cars. I warned them not to get in their cars, but they would not listen. Inside the house, I checked all the windows to make sure they were secure.

Blue Stars from Heaven

This was a vision that took place during a camping trip with my wife. I was playing my guitar and singing Rend the Heavens. Some wildfires had just broken out over Northern California immediately following a court decision to allow gay marriage. I was thinking about our State and our Country, wishing that the people would repent and return to the Lord. In a flash, I saw five blue stars descend from heaven. A ray of blue light seemed to connect them into a pentagram shape that resembled the stars on our American Flag. I knew in my spirit that the Lord was going to show favor to this country and that His Spirit was about to be poured out on this great nation.

Judgment is Coming to San Francisco

I was with my family on top of a large mountain that ran north to south along the eastern edge of San Francisco. The mountain was like a large, sharp piece of granite that protruded out of the earth. I looked down over the city from a height of three or four thousand feet. The sky was very dark, almost black with clouds. I knew that judgment was coming to San Francisco. To avoid the wrath, I crept with my family down behind the mountain, away from any view of the city. My daughter jumped up in excitement wanting to go towards the city. I tried grabbing her, but she would not come back. Finally, as if by the hand of God, she turned back to me. I looked up at the sky and saw a donut-shaped hole in the clouds. A strong bolt of lightning came straight down towards the city. I hid behind the rock expecting the whole city to be destroyed, but to my surprise, the lightning bolt was much softer, and the city was not destroyed.

Judgment is Coming to the American Jewish Community

My wife and I walked into an American shopping mall. I could see men walking around wearing white and yellow coverings that looked like Jewish prayer shawls. My wife said they were Karate uniforms. Something however didn’t look quite right to me. As we walked further into the mall, I looked to my left and saw a row of Jewish men wearing blue and white prayer shawls. I thought they were praying, but when I walked over to them, I realized they were standing around a sales display. There were all sorts of useless items. I looked down and saw a pink wooden flamingo. The men were standing around feverishly buying this junk. I then looked over to my left and saw the western wall in Jerusalem, except we were on the east side and not the west. Everything looked correct but spiritually was turned around. I saw chairs randomly scattered around, and a few men slumped here and there. It was chaotic and not orderly. I saw one man standing at the wall praying. When I saw the stones, I felt the presence of God come over me. I began weeping and uttering these words repeatedly: “judgment is coming to America.” I knew in my spirit that this judgment was coming to the American Jewish population because the Lord desired that they would return to Him in the land of Israel.

Nuclear War on Our Cities

My wife and I were at our house. Suddenly, a nuclear explosion went off in a nearby city. I looked outside and saw dark black clouds filling the expanse of the horizon. At the center were the darkest clouds, and there were bolts of lightning surrounding this dark cloud mass. We went back inside to avoid the fallout, but as we looked up, we could see white radioactive fallout material coming through all the cracks in the ceiling.