United States

The Inauguration is a Charade

l was walking into Washington, D.C. to observe the inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump. I was curious to see what was going on. It was early in the morning on the day before the inauguration, and many people were already arriving early to find a good viewing spot. As I walked passed buildings and parking lots, pressing my way towards the U.S. Capitol, there were camps of people occupying rows of parking spaces. Many were entire families sleeping outside, even setting up small living quarters. All were covered with purple tarps. I eventually worked my way into some buildings, wandering through several meeting halls. People were finding their seats to view the inauguration on large video screens. Outside the buildings and in the streets and foyers, people were dressed up and celebrating. It felt like a carnival or a circus.

The United States Torn in Two

The Lord gave me this dream about our nation. In it, I was sitting at a desk in what appeared to be a library. The Lord spoke to me in His gentle voice and said, “Sit and write the things I will show you that are to come.” I could see our nation torn in two. We had somehow become like two separate countries. The dividing line seemed to be along the Mississippi River. The western part of the U.S. was in chaos and anarchy, with vigilante and militia armies roaming everywhere trying to defend their communities. The eastern part of the U.S. was also deeply shaken but starting to slowly recover. I then heard the Lord speak to me and say, “I will preserve a remnant of this nation for my glory, but the half I will turn over to destruction in judgment for their sin.”

Nuclear War

I was driving in a car with an older prophetic woman who is a good friend of mine. She was sitting in the passenger’s seat. It was a one-lane dirt road with two-wheel ruts. We were heading westbound through a desert-like landscape; dry and parched. The road suddenly dropped out beneath and like on a roller coaster we plunged down the steep gradient and then gently swooped out onto the plain in front of us. I could feel the sensation in my stomach, a combination of both fear and excitement for the unknown that lay ahead. Immediately, the landscape was thrust into complete darkness. I could see people scurrying around; panicked and holding survival elements in their hands. Just a few things they were able to grab in the moments after the nuclear devastation hit their cities to the west, primarily San Francisco. They looked at us with desperation; “can you help us?” was written all over their faces.

Shaking is Coming to America

I was standing inside a tall rectangular building, maybe somewhere near the upper floors. The building was made from dark grey granite and had dark tinted windows. It was embedded into a much higher granite mountain of the same color as the building. The granite mountain seemed to project almost vertically out of the earth. The sky was dark, and all the surrounding areas were cloaked in darkness. I felt an earthquake shake the building, but there was no damage. I ran down to the first level in hopes of escaping the building when I heard in my spirit that a Tsunami was coming from the west. People were panicking and running in all different directions. There was no place to hide or find shelter from the coming earthquake or Tsunami. Suddenly, a smaller round building arose next to the rectangular one; maybe two-thirds its height. It was also made from dark grey granite but had no windows except at the top floor where I found myself perched in a chair looking out across the landscape. I felt like I was sitting in a gunner turret; a slotted window that faced west and encircled about 180-degrees of the building. In this place I felt safe, protected by the Lord from the shaking and flooding.

Our Nation Escapes a Crash

I was in an airplane flying north through what appeared to be Colorado. Looking outside the aircraft window to the west I could see a beautiful mountain. It had a sharp peak and at least three massive rocks protruding from near its summit. I stared and marveled at its beauty. All the other windows on the plane were dark. The pilot was having difficulty controlling the plane and we were in a rapid descent flying through what appeared to be a dark trough in the earth. The plane could not escape, and we were going to crash at a sudden rise in the trough. After a very quick maneuver by the pilot, he cleared the rise and continued the descent within the trough. As the plane came over the rise the right foot of the pilot kicked lose a boulder that had been lodged near the top. The boulder was spinning down the trough underneath the aircraft. We had gained a slight altitude but were still in a rapid descent. The pilot’s foot was bleeding badly from having kicked the boulder. I knew that we had barely cleared this hurdle and that difficulties still lay ahead. The dream ended.

Our Nation Descending

My wife and I were flying in a large commercial aircraft, most likely a Boeing 747. We were in the very front of the plane sleeping. I awoke suddenly as the pilot began to descend the aircraft. At first, it felt normal, but then I realized they we were descending too quickly and too early. We were heading northward towards Germany. I looked out a window on the left side of the aircraft and could see a German airplane descending even more quickly in the same pattern, our planes both enveloped in some storm. As I looked forward, I could see the whole landscape opened before me as if the skin of the aircraft was rolled back like a scroll. There were snow covered mountains in front of us that looked like the lower Alps. We descended towards a peak, and the aircraft scraped the top with a bump, but no damage. We were now crash landing in what appeared to be an industrial area of a German city. I could see a fuel storage area in our landing path. I felt we might explode on impact, but the aircraft crash-landed through the thanks without any explosions or damage to the aircraft. I marveled that we were all safe on the ground.

Three Founding Fathers

I was in northern Virginia when suddenly I was taken in the spirit to south-central Virginia. I was wearing simple white cotton pants and a white pullover shirt. The pants were baggy and synched at the waist with a simple drawstring. They reminded me of the clothing that slaves wore (see picture below at right). I had brought Virginia ham with me and appeared before three founding fathers of our nation, including George Washington. The men were wearing colonial military uniforms. I presented the Ham to them and began to eat. These three were men of God, and the Lord spoke to me that He was going to begin honoring these men by bringing forth stored blessings and promises that had been reserved for these men of faith. These blessings would be a catalyst for a restoration of the State of Virginia and eventually the entire United States of America.

God's Grace Poured Out on Las Vegas

I was looking down from the heavens over the desert landscape of the Las Vegas Valley. The sky and the earth were dim and nearly dark as if a demonic covering was blocking the light. I could see the city lights below, and I could feel the sin rising from the city up into the heavens. I then saw the Spirit of the Lord descend upon the whole valley, and all its dwellings were covered in a blue luminescent radiance. I could feel the love of God and His grace being poured out upon the land and its inhabitants.

The Coming Flood

I was walking along the edge of a muddy, turbulent river. A man was walking with me. He had black, curly hair. The banks of the river were eroded barren, and there was much debris in the river indicating it had recently flooded. The river ran between two forested mountains. The upper benches of the river were covered with dense, low-lying vegetation and not trees, indicating that the upper benches had flooded in the past, but not recently enough for the trees to grow back.

The Hyper-speed Airplane Fails

I was in an airplane with a new experimental hyper speed engine. The plane took off at normal speed, and then when it reached the appropriate altitude engaged the new engine. I knew even before the engine was engaged that something was wrong. I was standing at the back of the aircraft in the galley. I could feel the G forces against my body as the engines engaged, but the plane immediately began to lose control. It started to spin sideways and headed straight to the earth. The pilot tried to control the plane but was unable to recover. It slammed into the earth with incredible force; disintegrating the aircraft on impact.

Standing with Israel

I was inside a government building with a large group of Jewish people. Suddenly, an Arab looking man burst through the front door with a rifle. He began shooting. One elderly woman was shot four times in her upper left chest. She was still alive but bleeding. Several women were attending to her. I grabbed my machine gun and went after the gunman, but he had already fled the building. I went through the lobby looking for others, but the building was clear.

The Earthquake and the Tsunami

I was in a house with my wife. I did not recognize the rooms, and I was unclear as to whether the house belonged to us or was a temporary dwelling. I left the house and walked until I came to a sound. There was a clear area by the water surrounded by lush vegetation, and a group of young men was playing what appeared to be a soccer game. Several older men were coaching them. Across the sound were beautiful, barren mountains. Their ball landed in the water, and one of the players went in to retrieve it. He came out of the water with a ball of mud containing a gooey duck, a type of clam native to the Pacific Northwest. He handed it to one of the older men, and he began to extract the neck of the clam from the mud ball. Some of the mud splattered on my white polo shirt. I watched with interest for a short while and left the area.

Rising Kings of the East

I was standing with my wife on top of a hill. To our left was an older government building. It had sloped roofs and was covered with brick; with architecture from the 1970’s era. Suddenly the earth split open, cutting the hill in half. Along the seam, everything disintegrated and collapsed into the earth. I left quickly as the earth began to open, but my wife would not leave. I looked back, and she disappeared into the earth with the brick building.

Written Judgments Against America

This dream came in three parts. In the first part, I heard a judgment against America that had been written in heaven. I sought to find out what it said, and the hand of the Lord reached down and showed me a white piece of paper with words of multiple increasing judgments. It was clear. The judgments were sealed because of the sins of our nation, and no prayers would erase them.

A Chemical Weapons Attack on Our Country

I saw a security checkpoint at an airport terminal. Several men stormed the security guards and released a chemical agent. Hundreds of people were infected. I then saw another attack on a naval shipyard. I heard the location; Norfolk, Virginia. The chemical agent attached itself to its victims like a giant black serpent that coiled around them. Hundreds of people were infected, and there was a risk to infect thousands more in the surrounding areas. Fear and terror fell across our nation. I then watched a Presidential Statement being made by Mr. Obama. He described the incidents with great emotion; nearly at the point of tears.  I sensed mostly fear in his voice, but the experience was deeply impacting him and moved with genuine compassion for the people.