Return of Christ

Four Dates in the Sky

I looked up at the sky and saw four dates inscribed into the clouds as if a finger were writing them. The dates were given using the Gregorian calendar. One of the dates appeared to be in December. However, I could not tell what day or year. I also could not see the other three dates. I knew in my spirit these dates were important for the church to be aware of. Then the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me at said, “These dates represent four significant biblical prophesies that will occur in the earth before my return.” I knew that one of the dates was the rapture of the church. Excitedly I ran and began proclaiming, “We’ve got it, we know the time of the rapture.” Of course, I knew that no man could know the day or the hour, but I felt confident the Lord had revealed the season of His imminent return.

The Sky Turns Black

I was in an apartment building looking out over a city. The sky was bright blue, and there were a few scattered clouds here and there. Below was a road that was undergoing construction. The men were digging down into the earth, placing temporary retaining walls on both sides to hold back the earth. The men began to encounter groundwater, and then there appeared to be a torrent of water coming from the southerly direction. The men feverishly constructed coffer dams within the deep trench to hold back the water, trying to keep the channel from flooding. I could see the water lapping over the top of the cofferdam. As the waters rose, the men continued to build up the cofferdam.

The Ark of Refuge

The Lord was reading to me from a book He called the book of the Prophets II. I could see the pages and text in front of me as He read. The Lord has prepared an ark of refuge, a city for His people to escape the tribulation. This is not an earthly place, but the place we will go at the time of the Rapture. He said that people must be ready and prepared to go and that it is better for all to enter the ark. But only those who have been deemed worthy will escape the tribulation.

The Rapture

My wife and I were moving about the land doing the Lord’s work. The earth was dark, and we jumped over many obstacles. Suddenly I looked up and saw a flash of white light from heaven. I knew in my spirit that the rapture was imminent, and I was excited for it to come. Very soon afterward we began to rise. The Lord was carrying us into the atmosphere. As I looked back, I could see the United States and the whole earth were in complete darkness. There were points of light scattered around, and I knew they were Christians. I saw many points of light rise into the heavens. The experience was powerful. We moved very quickly, yet I did not feel any effects of gravity. We then stopped in front of a large movie screen. My wife was on my left side, our son next to her, and my daughter asleep tucked under my right arm. There were beautiful images of flowers and other landscape scenes; the colors and clarity were beyond description. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. We did not enter heaven because I knew the Lord was only giving us a glimpse of things to come.

Arise Oh Yah

I was looking out of my house in Chico towards the northeast. My daughter was in the kitchen cooking dinner for me. It was evening, and there was still light in the sky. I could see a prominent mountain in the distance with many smaller peaks and hills all around. Just below the mountain to the southeast was a steep talus slope. Suddenly I saw rocks starting to roll down the slope. The rocks continued to fall, and what started as a small rock slide grew into an enormous avalanche. I was a gasp! I hoped there was no one in the area. Before I could even comprehend the magnitude of the event, the entire mountain range started to slide to the northwest. I knew there were several small towns in that direction, and I perceived that the shifting mountain range likely consumed them.

The Dawn is Coming

I was with my family; leading them on a journey that would take us to an intended destination. We were walking through the mountains on a narrow, windy trail. It was dark and only the moon provided enough light for us to see where we were going. I could faintly see mountain slopes all around us that at one time had been covered with large trees. All that remained were stumps, yet a new harvest of young trees was rising from the stumps.

The Roman Empire Will be Destroyed

This vision came right after the first. I sensed in my spirit that the Lord was angry with the attack on my friend’s mother. I was still flying in the spirit and rising from the land quickly. I could see the city become very small below me. In front of me flashed roman structures, with a voice and written words that said: “No Roma.” In my spirit, I understood that God was saying that He would destroy the Roman Empire under which we are still living; the same authority held by the prince of this world: Satan.

The Battle between God and Satan

I saw Satan climbing up a large mountain that looked like a giant rock. He looked like a large black, mechanical monster. I followed him to the top of the rock where I saw another man standing. Satan’s shaped changed into a spirit cloud of black dots. He came towards me to attack and immediately I saw the spirit of God intercepting to block Satan’s approach. God’s spirit looked like a cloud of white dots. I watched as Satan fiercely attacked God. It was an incredibly powerful scene, like two giants clashing. I looked down and saw myself ripping apart a giant boom box and throwing the pieces over the edge of the mountain. As I watched Satan continue to attack, I could feel God’s anger rising until finally, I heard his voice say: “Enough.” I then saw his hand sweep out before me, and Satan’s spirit collapse into a tiny dot that was thrust down over the edge of the mountain.

The Brilliant White Light

I was looking across a city, staring at the broad expanse of the horizon. The sky was dark, and I could see lights scattered here and there. I was focusing on a place where everything seemed to converge, and suddenly I saw a brilliant white light form and expand across the horizon, expanding like a nuclear explosion. The light was pure white like, not yellow like the sun or like electricity that is blue, but pure white. I ran back to my house to find my family, knowing that the light would quickly spread over the whole region.

Sins of Fornication — The Coming Wrath of God

I was observing a group of men stripping the clothes off several women. The group seemed to be preparing to engage in casual sex. I saw another man wearing a yellow cap over his erected genitals, and I could see yellow liquid covering his lips and pouring out of his mouth. I was warning the people that a storm was coming and that they should leave the area. They ignored me and continued with their acts. I then looked at the horizon, and it turned black with storm clouds that were so dark that no light shone through. It looked terrifying. I warned the group again, but they ignored me. I left the area quickly for fear of the storm.

The Flood — Escaping Behind the Wall of Protection

I was walking along a road that followed the top bank of a winding creek channel. The low-flow area of the creek was rather small, but the depth and width of the overall channel lead me to believe that a larger flood could sweep through the area. The banks were nicely manicured and gradually sloping giving a peaceful appearance. At one point I came to a house that had been built into the channel. It had stilts underneath to raise it slightly, but not enough to escape a larger flood.

The Dry Valley — God Has Awakened for the Judgment of Man

A man looked down at me and said: Go and look at some model homes. I replied: All right, and I will also check out their prices and financing options. I looked up and could see a beautiful house slightly tucked behind a green grassy hill. There was a stately oak tree at the top. I tried to find the homes but suddenly found myself looking down across an arid valley, almost desert-like. There were small mountains in the distance that looked brown and barren. I could see a deep gorge with cliffs cutting through, and there were buildings constructed right up to its edge. The houses looked very small, so I must have been looking down from a considerable height. In the distance, I could see a sprawling city. As I approached the building near the gorge, I suddenly found myself walking across a slanted courtyard of large granite stones. They were dark, and light grey arranged in a checkerboard pattern. I could see what appeared to be a processing plant. It looked new and had not been operating yet.