Compassion for Israel's Enemies

I saw a highway through a desert in the middle-east leading up towards Israel. An Arab man was driving a red fuel tanker truck towards the border at great speed. The man wanted to destroy the land. At the border on both sides of the highway were two large machine gun turrets. They were constructed of dark grey tubular steel in a space-frame configuration. The machine guns immediately turned towards the truck and fired in rapid succession destroying the vehicle. I then saw two, possibly different Arab men laying on the side of the highway. They were dressed like terrorists and were holding machine guns. One man appeared to be already dead, but the other was wounded in the legs. The man then lit a cigar and tried to smoke it. The machine guns continued to fire at the man until he also was dead. As the bullets ripped through his body, I could feel only tears of compassion for the man. Though he was an enemy of Israel, I felt God’s heart torn for His word says, “As I live,’ says the Lord God, ‘I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live. Turn, turn from your evil ways!” (Ezekiel 33:11). I awoke and began to pray for Israel’s enemies.

World Wars II and IV

I entered a large meeting hall where there were about one-thousand men and woman who had gathered to discuss global issues. These were the elite of the world and were planning all its affairs; political, economic, etc. I wandered back into the foyer where there were information boards that had been set up. Next to one board, on the floor and propped up against a wall were two large picture books about 3 feet by 2 feet. The first book was titled World War III and was about 3 to 4 inches thick. I opened the book and to my surprise were all the details of this war, even down to the black and demonic uniforms of the soldiers. The helmets looked like solid face masks indicating this war would be both biological and possibly nuclear. I could see European cities and new the war would be centered there. I also knew there would be a great holocaust of people. My spirit sensed this war would take place during the tribulation of the earth. The second book was a bit smaller and only about 1 to 2 inches thick. It was titled World War IV. I opened the book and saw a spiritual queen. The book was written in Russian, and my spirit sensed this war would be smaller and led by Russia.

The Rain

I was sitting on a large fallen log by a wide rain-swollen river. The waters were swift, but there were no rapids. The sky was overcast as if about to rain, and the landscape was wooded with deciduous trees and lush green vegetation. There was a small group of people standing in front of me nearer the river. They were talking with each other, but I was not paying attention to what they were saying.

Bauer, Germany

I was being sent on an assignment to Bauer, Germany. I had never been there, so I was unsure how to get there, and I did not know what to expect. The assignment had something to do with locating the kingdom of the anti-Christ, but there were no specific instructions. I headed to the airport. I stopped and asked a tall German man for directions. He was wearing a dark grey police uniform with a white hat. He was very tall and quite handsome. He politely guided me in the right direction. I proceeded to find my departure terminal but became confused and distracted along the way. My plane was supposed to depart at 3:70 pm. I continued searching but eventually awoke from the dream.

The Earthquake and the Tsunami

I was in a house with my wife. I did not recognize the rooms, and I was unclear as to whether the house belonged to us or was a temporary dwelling. I left the house and walked until I came to a sound. There was a clear area by the water surrounded by lush vegetation, and a group of young men was playing what appeared to be a soccer game. Several older men were coaching them. Across the sound were beautiful, barren mountains. Their ball landed in the water, and one of the players went in to retrieve it. He came out of the water with a ball of mud containing a gooey duck, a type of clam native to the Pacific Northwest. He handed it to one of the older men, and he began to extract the neck of the clam from the mud ball. Some of the mud splattered on my white polo shirt. I watched with interest for a short while and left the area.

Rising Kings of the East

I was standing with my wife on top of a hill. To our left was an older government building. It had sloped roofs and was covered with brick; with architecture from the 1970’s era. Suddenly the earth split open, cutting the hill in half. Along the seam, everything disintegrated and collapsed into the earth. I left quickly as the earth began to open, but my wife would not leave. I looked back, and she disappeared into the earth with the brick building.

The Black Tsunami

I found myself along with several other people standing at the bottom of the ocean on a smooth bed of dark grey; almost black sand. The water had disappeared. Suddenly, to the east, I saw a large tsunami wave approaching. It stretched across the horizon as far as I could see. The power of the water had sucked up the blackish sand and had turned the wave into the same disturbing color. There was no way to escape, so I held my breath and prayed. The wave crashed down, and I could feel its weight upon me. Everything was now completely dark and tumultuous.

Banners of Prophesy

I was standing on a busy city street. I saw my prophetic dreams written unto tall banners that were hanging from the side of a building. There were many banners; extending for several blocks and extending to a height of twenty or thirty feet. Many people were walking by, but not even one noticed the banners. I wanted the people to read them because I knew they contained important information, but they just continued walking by; too distracted with their own business. I looked down at the bottom of one banner and noticed abbreviations that read like a legend. Each banner had multiple abbreviations, each referencing a different aspect of the dream. I knew in my spirit that it was time to display these to the world because the end is very near.

Technology Will Fail Humanity

I was walking through a moonscape. The earth had been destroyed. Everything had turned red; the ground, rocks and the atmosphere itself. There was a hot wind blowing red dust everywhere. I sensed radioactive particles and realized that a nuclear war had likely destroyed much of it. I came to a rock cropping and saw a man holding a laptop computer. He could not access the web site because it was down. He would not let go of his technology even though everything around him had become a complete desolation. He refused to cry out to God even in this most desperate condition.

Rain on the Land — The Lush Landscape of Ireland

I was walking up a gravel country road, the sky was grey, and there was a light rain pouring down. The road went up a gradual hill, and as I walked along, I could see a few weathered houses here and there. There was a complete peace about the whole scene. Towards the top of the hill were several graded lots awaiting new homes. The lots were covered with lush, tall green grass, and surrounded by dark green fir trees as if cut out of a forest. At the top of the hill was a gravel cul-de-sac. To my left were a vacant lot and one peculiar looking home. An older woman was standing on the front porch, and when she saw me, she invited me in. As I walked through the house, I could see that it had been built towards the back of the lot along the edge of a cliff. The house had a large bank of glass windows, and I could see rusty steel rods holding up the house; buried into the basaltic rock. I gazed over the edge, becoming dizzy from the height. But then I looked out and saw this incredibly beautiful valley.

Dancing Over the Cities of the World

I was looking down over the cities of the world; almost dancing over them. They were arranged in the shape of a “T,” and looked like a miniature model. As I scanned over them, I could see that a few cities were lit up, but most were dark. At the center was a large rectangular building, all lit up brightly and shaped like the temple mount in Jerusalem. To the right was complete darkness, and to the left, over Europe were a few lit cities. I came down towards Italy; resting by an Italian man to my left, and a French man to my right. I looked at the Italian man, hugged him and told him how much I loved his people. He stared at me with a blank, hollow gaze. The French man did the same thing; they seemed completely indifferent to my interest in them, and even seemed uncomfortable with my presence.

Iran Destroys its Oil Reserves

In this dream, I could see what appeared to be a legislative table suspended high in the air over the country of Iran. Men were deliberating on their nuclear power program. They stated that their reason for wanting nuclear power was to become independent from oil and that once they became so, they would destroy their oil reserves. I then looked down and could see them pointing at an oil field, and as they did so, it was detonated with explosives. They knew that without oil the world’s economies would collapse.

The Poisoned Waters

I was swimming in a river, floating downstream through an area of shallow, slow-moving rapids, and then walking back upstream for a short distance so I could float down again. I could see another man swimming down ahead of me. Suddenly the current became very strong, and just as I was about to jump in, another man quickly pulled me from the river onto the shore. I could see the other man get swept downstream.

The Majestic Mountains

I was in a valley looking up at a wooded hillside. At the top was a building that was being constructed. It had an Asian architectural appearance, with rooftops that fanned out in opposite directions like the sails of a Chinese Junk ship. I climbed up the hill and walked into the building. There were several men there who were overseeing the construction. There was much work to be done, but they looked at each other and said: “We will have this building done in five weeks.”

Peace to the Arab Nations

I was walking on a dirt road outside a walled city somewhere in the Middle East. Many people were walking both ways along the road. A man came up to me wearing traditional Arab clothing and a Keffiyeh. He took my hand and said in a warm voice: “Salem Aleichem,” which translates peace be to them. I then turned a started walking away from the City. I could see the body of a dead woman, prepared for burial and placed along the side of the road awaiting someone to take her away. I then saw a man wearing a white robe. He was being blinded by a bright light and had been chosen by God to fulfill a task that would lead him and others to the blessings of Abraham. His experience was like that of Paul when he became blinded by God.

The Journey to the Chinese Temple

I was in China, and a special temple had been opened to the public for viewing. It only opened once a year, so thousands lined up for miles to see the temple. I decided to see it myself, but just an observer. I drove for part of the journey then walked the rest. The road led through a gorge that followed a large river. It crossed in several places. I don’t remember viewing the temple, but I wanted to take my wife and kids to see it the next day. We drove for part of the distance then walked the rest. Again, we waited in line with thousands of people. I could see school children on tour from their classrooms with their teachers escorting them, wearing red coats and walking neatly two-by-two.

The Flooded Building

I was walking around what appeared to be an outdoor or indoor mezzanine connecting two or three large office buildings. Other people were walking around. I wasn’t sure exactly what floor I was on, but when I came to a set of stairs leading down, I could see the lower level was flooded. Someone warned me not to go down there. Then as I looked out over a balcony, I could see the whole area was flooded. I came to another staircase, and this time I was able to go down to the lower level. I could see water marks on the columns where they were once flooded. As I looked ahead I could see the waters had receded and were now at about the same level as the floor I was standing on, still partially flooding one small area.

The Bridge with the Three Towers

I was looking a hillside covered with tropical vegetation. It looked like a scene from Vietnam or Cambodia. There dugouts or bunkers in the hillside. I could see an Asian woman standing behind a gun turret firing at an enemy. She was defending a suspension bridge with three towers, and for an instant, I saw this bridge. I knew this enemy was from Germany. On the side of the turret which I believe she had confiscated, was a plate of armor with a swastika on it. Then with utmost precision, several bullets came from behind and instantly killed the woman.

A Nuclear Weapon Detonated in China

I was flying in a spy plane over China. I could see an enormous city sprawled out, maybe 10 to 20 million people. There was a large river that cut through the middle. I knew that the country had become divided. An insurgency had revolted against the government. To squash the insurgency, the government detonated a small nuclear weapon on the eastern part of the city. I watched the flash and pillar of light rise into the sky, an orange mushroom cloud spread into the upper atmosphere, and a fog of grey dust and smoke spread out across the ground, consuming buildings and people in its path. I dropped lower to the ground souring across the building tops. Most were apartment buildings, maybe four to five stories in height. I could see children running frantically in the streets, the ground shaking like a violent earthquake. I then found myself flying down the middle of a street, and as I looked back, I could see a small bird fluttering up and down trying to avoid a collision with a small delivery truck. The bird fluttered across the front windshield, up and over the top of the truck, then continued fluttering down the street.