Orthodox Jews Restricting Access to Israel

I was driving with my wife on the road heading to Israel, specifically Jerusalem when I came to a checkpoint that restricted access for non-Jewish people. It was a peculiar looking checkpoint comprised of Jewish Orthodox men that formed tunnels for each lane of traffic. As I moved closer, I could see rows of seated young boys facing the inside of the tunnels. They wore black skull caps, white shirts, and black vests. I could see their long sidelocks (pe’ot) framing their snarling, angry faces. From a distance, the boys looked like shark teeth and entering the tunnel stirred up emotions of anxiety and fear. I was worried that did not have the proper “Jewish” identity information to pass the checkpoint. I pulled out my Israeli passport, and we effortlessly passed through the checkpoint. On the other side, I immediately came to the Jerusalem Chords Bridge (which represents King David’s harp) situated at the westerly entrance to Jerusalem. I stared at the clean and perfectly cut Jerusalem stone under my feet and marveled at the beauty of the entire city.

Compassion for Israel's Enemies

I saw a highway through a desert in the middle-east leading up towards Israel. An Arab man was driving a red fuel tanker truck towards the border at great speed. The man wanted to destroy the land. At the border on both sides of the highway were two large machine gun turrets. They were constructed of dark grey tubular steel in a space-frame configuration. The machine guns immediately turned towards the truck and fired in rapid succession destroying the vehicle. I then saw two, possibly different Arab men laying on the side of the highway. They were dressed like terrorists and were holding machine guns. One man appeared to be already dead, but the other was wounded in the legs. The man then lit a cigar and tried to smoke it. The machine guns continued to fire at the man until he also was dead. As the bullets ripped through his body, I could feel only tears of compassion for the man. Though he was an enemy of Israel, I felt God’s heart torn for His word says, “As I live,’ says the Lord God, ‘I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live. Turn, turn from your evil ways!” (Ezekiel 33:11). I awoke and began to pray for Israel’s enemies.


I awoke early in the morning, and a vision appeared to me of a Jewish man that I know. This man has a calling and a ministry for the Jewish people. He held out his hand and was holding a large book that was about 3 inches thick. On the cover was the word “Invasion.” At first, I wondered if its enemies would invade Israel, but then the Lord spoke to me and said: “I am about to invade my people, Israel with my Holy Spirit. This invasion will come at the hands of men.”

Standing with Israel

I was inside a government building with a large group of Jewish people. Suddenly, an Arab looking man burst through the front door with a rifle. He began shooting. One elderly woman was shot four times in her upper left chest. She was still alive but bleeding. Several women were attending to her. I grabbed my machine gun and went after the gunman, but he had already fled the building. I went through the lobby looking for others, but the building was clear.

A War Involving the United States and Israel

I awoke one morning, and the power of the Holy Spirit fell upon me. I heard in the spirit that a war involving the United States and Israel would break out in the Middle East in December. I then heard in the spirit that a great storm would come to this country for three months, from January to March, and that during this storm the Lord would pour out His spirit upon the Church, and great signs and wonders would be seen amongst God’s people.

The Jewish People — An Historical Remnant

I was walking along a street in an old part of a city. The sky was covered with dark black clouds and an eerie orange glow where the sun was penetrating. There was a deteriorated concrete building in front of me. I could see strands of steel protruding from a chiseled concrete arch on the second floor. I then found myself inside of the building looking at Jewish books and artifacts on a table. The room was set up like a museum. The Lord spoke to me that the artifacts represent a remnant of His people. I felt His grief and broke down into tears.

The Lord Has Made a New Thing

I was inside of a Jewish house, but it was more like a house of many Jewish families. I could see several men off in a room to my right. A young woman came up to me and invited me into their store. She was pretty but not overly beautiful, and she had a sweet personality and a joy about her. She showed me objects on a table; some were tools, and others were cutting knives. I picked up several tools, but they all seemed crooked. She showed me how they worked, and they seemed to make sense, although I was not clear why they were so crooked. The knives on the table had been dull, but she showed me how she had sharpened them. The knives looked to be of poor quality and cheap plastic handles. I picked up one of them which she had sharpened, but the knife appeared to have disintegrated into many sharp, metal splinters.

Judgment is Coming to the American Jewish Community

My wife and I walked into an American shopping mall. I could see men walking around wearing white and yellow coverings that looked like Jewish prayer shawls. My wife said they were Karate uniforms. Something however didn’t look quite right to me. As we walked further into the mall, I looked to my left and saw a row of Jewish men wearing blue and white prayer shawls. I thought they were praying, but when I walked over to them, I realized they were standing around a sales display. There were all sorts of useless items. I looked down and saw a pink wooden flamingo. The men were standing around feverishly buying this junk. I then looked over to my left and saw the western wall in Jerusalem, except we were on the east side and not the west. Everything looked correct but spiritually was turned around. I saw chairs randomly scattered around, and a few men slumped here and there. It was chaotic and not orderly. I saw one man standing at the wall praying. When I saw the stones, I felt the presence of God come over me. I began weeping and uttering these words repeatedly: “judgment is coming to America.” I knew in my spirit that this judgment was coming to the American Jewish population because the Lord desired that they would return to Him in the land of Israel.

Casting Out Demons in the Temple

I was walking with my wife and pushing a baby stroller. We accidentally walked into a reformed Jewish Temple downtown. We walked by a sanctuary room where I saw dozens of older Jewish men wearing blue and white prayer shawls. We then came into another room that appeared to be like a reception hall. It had tall ceilings, had no windows and poor lighting. The room felt dark and demonic. There were strange objects scattered around the room and Paper Mache animal heads on the walls.

Jesus — The Suffering Servant

I was walking and talking with a man. We were in what appeared to be a train museum. I was telling the man how the Lord had spoken to me about His healing of my marriage. As I told him the story, I felt an overwhelming sense of repentance and conviction that brought me to tears. When I awoke from the dream, I was covered with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. As I peered into the darkness, I saw the face of Jesus. He appeared to be in agony. I could see the hairs in His beard so clearly. I then saw Him standing away from me; no shirt and with His arms crossed. He held a posture of rejection, and I sensed in the spirit that He did not know me. I cried out for Him not to forsake me. I did this for a while, and then I saw what appeared to be a Jewish family sitting at their dining room table. There was glowing radiance to the room and a sense of peace. In the spirit, God told me how he had healed this family also.

Sweet Songs about Nothing

I was in a room with Jewish people—both men and women. The men were preparing for a quire presentation. I sat down in one of the seats and watched as they quickly arranged themselves in neat rows in front. They started singing. It sounded beautiful, but the words were complete nonsense. One man standing in front took off his black hat, closed his eyes and sang a beautiful chorus. But again, it was about nothing. A woman sitting in the front row chimed in, substituting his empty lyrics with several profanities. Here attitude was negative and sarcastic. The whole scene seemed funny, and I started laughing.

The Jewish People Held in a Glass Case

I was walking in a downtown area of a city looking for a library. Another person was walking alongside me. I saw a small church and decided to walk in. They didn’t even recognize me. There was no warmth in this place, even an atmosphere of hostility. I left and walked to another church. Outside the building, the entire curb was painted red prohibiting anyone from parking near the entrance. I crossed the red line anyways.

The Rabbi Led Astray

I was in a dark bar inside a city. All the walls were painted black. A few people were sitting here and there. At one point I parked a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I walked outside and saw a tall man heading towards the bar. He had sandy blond hair and a long face with a mustache. He was wearing a sports jacket and had a neckpiece that looked like that of a priest. Walking behind him was a Jewish man, possibly a rabbi. He was wearing a tallit and carrying a wooden jar that contained a Torah scroll. I blocked the tall man and said sternly: “You will not bring the scroll of God into this place!” He bent over slightly, and with his finger pointed towards my eyes; he gave me an evil stare, unlike anything I have ever seen. I felt a sense of fear but would not relent on my position. Then I awoke.

The Presence of God Amongst His People

I walked into what appeared to be a classroom. Jewish men were standing around smiling and talking to each other. Some were dressed in regular clothes, some in suits, and some wearing traditional orthodox clothing. As I walked around them, I could feel the overwhelming presence of God. I knew that he was amongst his people even though they did not recognize him. I felt so happy that I spun around, feeling drunk by the holy spirit of God. One of the men came up to me and smiled.

The Temple in Jerusalem

I was with my sister, her husband and their child in Jerusalem. They had moved back and were staying in an apartment building. The rooms were old and dark with no windows. We walked down a long hallway and then exited onto a covered veranda. As I looked out, I could see the temple mount in Jerusalem. It was still in ruins. The sun was shining, and as I looked up, I could hear thousands of angels singing. To my right was a bridge that people were crossing over, most heading towards the mount. I walked across the bridge, and as I approached the temple, I felt the overwhelming presence of God come over me. I dropped to the ground powerless and laid flat on my face. All my emotions poured through me, and I cried to the Lord: “Father, how long until you rebuild your temple?” Then I awoke.

The Devouring Dragon

The dream started with a story about what appeared to be a dragon or dinosaur that was inside a restaurant and was given a large block of cheese. Next, I found the dragon following two women. There was a heavy song in the background describing how the dragon would follow the women everywhere, intent on devouring them. The women were holding hands and appeared scared as they walked quickly ahead of the dragon. I saw different scenes appear, and in each one, the dragon was stalking the women. Next, I saw two men taking cover under a metal carport. They were kneeling in about two feet of water and looking up. The sky was dark, and the whole area appeared flooded. A helicopter was hovering directly overhead and was firing down on them. The men kept moving back as the shower of bullets slowly crept towards them, almost in a scanning pattern.