Divine Unity Within the Church

What does true divine unity look like within the church? That was the question I was teaching (in my dream) to a small group of people when I immediately heard the answer in my spirit. As I listened to the voice of the Lord, I shared this parable: Imagine yourself stranded in the middle of a parched desert with no water in sight. You would find yourself dehydrated and near death. This is the present condition of the church. Then the Lord would begin to pour out His droplets of rain to quench the land. This is what divine unity looks like to Him, for it unleashes His commanded blessing, as it is written, “It is like the dew of Hermon, Descending upon the mountains of Zion; For there the Lord commanded the blessing—Life forevermore” (Psalm 133:3).

Analysis of the Church

I was in a room with a small number of people. The Lord was asking questions of us, looking to see who could answer correctly. No one could answer. I thought deeply about the questions. At first, they seemed very confusing, like riddles. For example, several of the questions were: “What is a double hitter, or what is a front door greeter?” Suddenly, I began to understand the questions. They were about how pastors conduct their Sunday morning services. The “double hitter” is a pastor who is very good at delivering two, very good back-to-back sermons, and the “front door greeter” is a pastor who loves to welcome people into his church. What the Lord showed me is that he has created His pastors to be good at some things, but not everything. And unfortunately, many congregants place too high of an expectation on our pastors, driving many of them out of ministry. The office of pastor is a gift to the body of Christ, and we ought to begin recognizing this and thanking the Lord for His gifts.

Freeing the Captives from Bondage

I was looking into a room through a wide glass window, like something you might see at a police station for a lineup; a one-way mirror where I could see in, but they could not see out. Along the far wall were young women engaged in prostitution and other sexually immoral behavior. Their appearance looked disgusting to me. Then one of the women was standing beside me. She tried to entice me into her behavior, but I was repulsed in my spirit. I began to feel compassion towards her condition, held her by the wrist and spoke to her about the redeeming power of Jesus. She was listening and beginning to receive the words I was giving her.

A Mountain Built by Man

I was with a man whom I work for. He is a person of great authority; kind in spirit and very hard working. He showed me a piece of property on a mountain upon which he would build a dream home, a place to retire. I looked up at the mountain and it was called Mount Rainier, the same volcanic mountain situated southeast of Seattle, Washington. But the mountain looked different. The lower portion looked like any other mountain, but the top third was built of geometric cubes. A road led part way up the mountain with a stream of people ascending. I looked up towards the property he wished to purchase. It was very steep, and I pointed out how difficult and expensive it would be construct on. He said he paid $500,000 for the property. Given its perilous location, I felt he might have overpaid. A real estate agent who appeared in the dream agreed with me.

Jerusalem — A Very Heavy Stone

I was standing in what appeared to be a county fairgrounds. In front of me was a long wooden building with wooden barn doors where they held farm animals. There were Christian men and women inside, and also those of the enemy; tares as we know them in the bible. The Christians were in close conversation with the enemy, standing in small groups and courting them in a dangerous relationship. I began tossing hand grenades in rapid succession into the building, guiding them towards where the enemy was standing. The Christians who were close to the enemy were being blown up with them. I did this for a short while until I could see a stream of Christians fleeing the building, running in panic with shell shocked looks on their faces. I saw an older woman running with a pistol her hand; her face contorted looking completely dazed about what had happened to her. I knew that the enemy was creating division over the land of Israel, especially Jerusalem. I felt pity for these Christians and ran after them explaining how if they loved and supported the Jewish people, they, in turn, would be willing to give them a portion of the land as an inheritance.

Rescuing a Woman from Sex Trafficking

I saw a young brown haired and brown eyed woman committing sexual acts with a man. I then saw the face of a different middle-eastern man mocking her verbally in Arabic and English and mocking her in writing saying that he held full control of the woman and had bound her into sexual slavery. The woman was also in a relationship with a ministerial friend of mine who was unaware of her condition. The woman was now fully dressed. I approached her, and she asked me if she should tell my friend about the situation. I said: “not necessarily unless he fully understands that you have been held as a sex trafficking victim.” I then took the woman by the hand to lead her to safety. I knew the enemy was following us and I felt an urgency to escape the area. Two roads were leading out; one to the right which snaked into some near-distant hills and then ended in a confusion of dead-end streets, and the other was a straight highway that went to the left and provided a safe route of escape.

The Artist Community

I walked into what appeared to be an art gallery that was part of an art school and a larger artist community. I was admiring the unique pieces of modern looking paintings and sculptures. I moved through several rooms into a large mezzanine. At the far end of this long space was a younger man who was sitting at an artist work station. He had darker hair and eyes and had a muscular, stocky build. There were several jewelry pieces on his face and ears, and he may have had several tattoos on his arms. He looked rough in appearance, but his heart was loving and tender. I felt a brotherly love towards him. He was a Christian, and the Lord had sent him to this place to reach the lost.

Spring in Winter

I was walking through a wooded area somewhere in Virginia. It was winter, and all the trees were grey and barren. Suddenly, I noticed bright patches of pink flowers in the forest. I looked closely at these clusters of pink flowering cherry blossoms, as well as several other flower types. I wondered to myself how these trees could be flowering in the middle of winter. Something was wrong. It felt like it was tied to global warming or an environmental issue. Our natural world was off, and trees were showing the effect of a world in deterioration. The trees may have also been showing a prophetic picture of life coming out of the dead; pockets of God’s people blooming amid a dead and barren landscape.

Blessing a High School in Mississippi

I was looking down across the southeastern United States, focusing on the State of Mississippi. I could see what appeared to be a high school. I then saw hundreds of students all congregated together in an auditorium. They were wearing red and white uniforms. I began to bless them, and as I did so, saw and felt the spirit of the Lord fall upon them. The Lord began to speak to me in my spirit about the coming revival, and how it will come to the youth, particularly those of high school age.

Supernatural Provision

I was with my wife when a Pastor I know from California approached me and began to speak of supernatural provision from the Lord. He then pointed to a small cardboard box about the size of a cigarette package that was set in place by an angel, propped against a building wall. I opened the box, and to my astonishment, it was packed with crisp $100 and $200 bills totaling $50,000. There was also an old torn one dollar and a five-dollar bill in the box. I laughed at them wondering why the Lord would include these along with all the others given their poor conditional and financial insignificance. I was excited at what I had just witnessed and knew with anticipation in my spirit the Lord would do the same for us. I looked at our home and saw a small package left by an angel. Inside was a small, but very beautiful lapel pin. I wept with tears and spoke with the angel about how difficult our financial condition was for ministry work. I was about to attach the pin to my wife’s shirt when another Pastor and his son I know from California pulled up in their truck. I began to share with them about the Lord’s supernatural provision.

Removing Idols from the Church

I was with a group of Christians that I was asked to lead into a time of encountering the Lord’s presence. We were standing in a courtyard area. There was a sanctuary building on one side and another building opposite. The group had gathered at the center of the courtyard. I turned away for a moment to gather something, and when I looked back, the group had taken a few wooden rectangular boxes and was holding them collectively together off the ground in the form of a cross. I ran over towards the group and broke the boxes apart, telling them not to make any image that would become to them an idol, not even the symbol of the cross. We were to encounter the Lord only and to have nothing stand between Him and us.

The Homosexual Community

I was in my bed sleeping. Outside my home and elsewhere in the streets, were angry homosexual men and women. I rose from my bed and entered another adjacent room. There were maybe a dozen men and homosexual men and women gathered in this room. The Holy Spirit began to speak through me. It was my voice, but not my words. I spoke to them about the creator of the universe, I spoke about their Savior, Christ Yeshua, and I spoke to them in love about believing in Christ in their hearts and confessing Him Lord and Savior with the lips. But then I said: “You cannot be saved unless you are filled with the Holy Spirit and become a new creation in Christ.” I sensed that the Spirit of God was moving their hearts.

The Barley Pot

I was given a pot of freshly cooked barley. It was done, and I was getting ready to pour the barley into another vessel for storage. When I poured it out, it was stiff in the form of the original pot. Its shape did not allow it to fit neatly into the storage vessel, so I began to break it down. I broke the large clump into smaller pieces. I noticed these smaller pieces varied in size and shape, some evenly shaped like measuring cups, and others irregular. I worked the barley, separating the individual grains until they uniformly started filling the storage vessel. I had completed maybe ten-percent of the sifting when I awoke from the dream.

Our Crown of Suffering

I was riding my bike to meet up with a group of Christians. As I entered this stone building, I saw to my left a sizeable group of men and women sitting at long rectangular tables. They were talking, laughing and having a great time of fellowship together. To my right, I saw Jesus walking quickly towards a small door that was along the back side of the building. He was wearing a long reddish-purple colored robe and had a gold crown on his head. He did not look at me or any of the other Christians. He had His eyes fixed on the door and moved quickly towards it. I said to Him in my spirit: “I also have a crown on my head. Why did you not take notice of me?” I then answered the Lord in my spirit: “I understand. The crown I am to wear is a crown of suffering.” I saw Jesus open the door. Behind the door was complete darkness. He paused for a minute to look back and see if anyone else was standing there with Him. He entered in and closed the door behind Him.

Dressed in White and Gold

I walked into a small congregation led by a Messianic pastor friend of mine. There was a younger man with a beard on the far-left side of the room, playing an electric guitar and leading worship. Next to him was another younger man playing a horned instrument. The music was powerful, and the twenty to thirty people in the room were all dancing. There was a row of chairs along the right wall. I sat down on one of the chairs and watched the people.