Legions Upon Legions of Demons Descending Upon the Earth

I was gathered with a group of people standing on the westward side of a large pyramid. We were not touching its surface but seemed to float above it. There was an opening in the pyramid, and I could gaze through to the other side. I saw the landscape of our nation; everything was black, and there was no moon or stars in the sky. As I peered through I could see hundreds of territorial spirits covering the earth; riding in the air on horses with spears and swords at their sides.

The Anti-Christ Has Risen Over America

I was standing inside a modern glass building in downtown Washington, DC. The area was large with high ceilings; exposed concrete columns supported the roof above. Outside was completely dark with no visible moon or stars. There were several other people in the building, but I did not recognize them. I peered into the sky and noticed a faint outline of a blood moon had appeared, like an eclipse. It was large and filled the sky like an October harvest moon. Its light was brilliant as the sun yet dim at the same time; casting no light over the city. As I stared at the moon its shape changed and extending outward was the head of the statue of liberty; her crown projecting seven rays of light that stretched across the nation. The crown is a symbol of the Illuminati and represents the new world order. I understood in my spirit that the Anti-Christ had risen over America. It is not coming but has come already.

The False Lion of Judah

I was in bed sleeping when I looked across the room, and through what appeared to be a veil or curtain, could see a large lion with a smaller lion next to it. Everything around us was dark, and there was no light anywhere. I feared the lions would come over to maul me, so I covered myself with a blanket. But the lions ignored me and walked off. As they left, the smaller lion looked at me and transformed itself into what appeared to be a sinister/trickster type creature, almost like the Tasmanian devil cartoon character. It smiled at me and strode away.

The King of Clay

I was in a light dream state when I heard or felt that things were going on in the spiritual realm. I pressed in to see and hear what was going on and saw a vision of hundreds of Hebrew letters scrolling in front of me. They were written in black ink and set against a parchment background like a scroll or book. The flashed too quickly, and I could not read them, so in my spirit, I asked they be slowed down. I took my finger and wrote on the floor with my request. As I moved my fingers the letters carved an inscription. Then everything slowed down.

Satan Rising from the Ocean

I was traveling in the ocean along the coastline of the United States. I was both above and below the water at the same time. The water was calm, and the coastline beautifully covered with lush evergreen forests. I then saw a whirlpool of light swirling and rising from the ocean floor to the water surface. As I approached the light, I felt somewhat fearful. The Spirit of the Lord encouraged me to approach, and without fear, I was able to penetrate and gaze into the light. The light was bright white and stunningly beautiful, but it was also very evil. I knew the light was Satan himself; his very presence. Then the voice of the Lord spoke to me and said: “Many had come near this light before and were destroyed, but I have given you the authority to approach this light without any harm coming to you.”

The Falling Star

I was standing in a house looking out the back patio door. I could see a large dry valley in the partially moonlit night. I remember thinking that it had rained recently, but when I stepped out into the back yard, the ground was dry and hard like concrete. A few clumps of grass were growing here and there out of the clay hardpan, but otherwise, everything else looked barren and scorched. I looked up and saw a star falling from the sky. It was very large, and I knew that it would hit the earth. I watched as it came down at a gradual angle. It hit the earth with an explosion that threw the earth hundreds of feet into the air, carving its way across the surface of the earth like a ship plowing through the ocean. It traveled for nine miles before finally coming to rest. I ran for a distance over the hill to find the meteorite, but all I found was a large piece of paper about 3 or 4 feet square. There was writing on it (which I can’t remember), and a silver molten material at one corner that could have been part of a seal.