Orthodox Jews Restricting Access to Israel

I was driving with my wife on the road heading to Israel, specifically Jerusalem when I came to a checkpoint that restricted access for non-Jewish people. It was a peculiar looking checkpoint comprised of Jewish Orthodox men that formed tunnels for each lane of traffic. As I moved closer, I could see rows of seated young boys facing the inside of the tunnels. They wore black skull caps, white shirts, and black vests. I could see their long sidelocks (pe’ot) framing their snarling, angry faces. From a distance, the boys looked like shark teeth and entering the tunnel stirred up emotions of anxiety and fear. I was worried that did not have the proper “Jewish” identity information to pass the checkpoint. I pulled out my Israeli passport, and we effortlessly passed through the checkpoint. On the other side, I immediately came to the Jerusalem Chords Bridge (which represents King David’s harp) situated at the westerly entrance to Jerusalem. I stared at the clean and perfectly cut Jerusalem stone under my feet and marveled at the beauty of the entire city.