The Sky Turns Black

I was in an apartment building looking out over a city. The sky was bright blue, and there were a few scattered clouds here and there. Below was a road that was undergoing construction. The men were digging down into the earth, placing temporary retaining walls on both sides to hold back the earth. The men began to encounter groundwater, and then there appeared to be a torrent of water coming from the southerly direction. The men feverishly constructed coffer dams within the deep trench to hold back the water, trying to keep the channel from flooding. I could see the water lapping over the top of the cofferdam. As the waters rose, the men continued to build up the cofferdam.

I was greatly intrigued by the construction, and watched attentively for quite some time, when suddenly, in an instant, the sky turned completely black. It looked as if someone had taken black paint and colored the sky. The white clouds were not greyish but still contrasted against the darkness. It was not completely dark on the earth. Some faint light remained, but the whole city now looked dim. A feeling of awe and sheer terror swept over my soul, and I heard the Spirit of the Lord say to me, “This will be the only sign given in the earth before the rapture of my church.”

I desperately wanted to leave the earth at that moment. “Take me with you,” I cried out to the Lord over and over. I felt my spirit soar up into the heavens, and the more I continued to cry out the higher I went. I eventually saw a very bright pinpoint of light and knew it was the Lord, and that He had not abandoned me.