Analysis of the Church

I was in a room with a small number of people. The Lord was asking questions of us, looking to see who could answer correctly. No one could answer. I thought deeply about the questions. At first, they seemed very confusing, like riddles. For example, several of the questions were: “What is a double hitter, or what is a front door greeter?” Suddenly, I began to understand the questions. They were about how pastors conduct their Sunday morning services. The “double hitter” is a pastor who is very good at delivering two, very good back-to-back sermons, and the “front door greeter” is a pastor who loves to welcome people into his church. What the Lord showed me is that he has created His pastors to be good at some things, but not everything. And unfortunately, many congregants place too high of an expectation on our pastors, driving many of them out of ministry. The office of pastor is a gift to the body of Christ, and we ought to begin recognizing this and thanking the Lord for His gifts.