Shaking is Coming to America

I was standing inside a tall rectangular building, maybe somewhere near the upper floors. The building was made from dark grey granite and had dark tinted windows. It was embedded into a much higher granite mountain of the same color as the building. The granite mountain seemed to project almost vertically out of the earth. The sky was dark, and all the surrounding areas were cloaked in darkness. I felt an earthquake shake the building, but there was no damage. I ran down to the first level in hopes of escaping the building when I heard in my spirit that a Tsunami was coming from the west. People were panicking and running in all different directions. There was no place to hide or find shelter from the coming earthquake or Tsunami. Suddenly, a smaller round building arose next to the rectangular one; maybe two-thirds its height. It was also made from dark grey granite but had no windows except at the top floor where I found myself perched in a chair looking out across the landscape. I felt like I was sitting in a gunner turret; a slotted window that faced west and encircled about 180-degrees of the building. In this place I felt safe, protected by the Lord from the shaking and flooding.

Awakening from this dream I knew the building represented the United States, and the coming shaking pertained to the November elections. Thinking about the two current top candidates, Hillary and Trump, I sensed in my spirit the Lord was not blessing our nation with these heathens. “The people have chosen, and I will appoint for them a king who will not be good for them.” I also remembered audibly hearing the Lord speak to me about a week or two earlier saying: “Christians are not listening to Me.” It has become clear to me that the condition of our nation rests in the hands of God’s people. But if we will not listen then His chastening will come. The Lord has seated me as a watchman for this nation, and His people must be warned.