He Takes Up His Glory

I was in a bedroom and standing there were two other women. One I recognized as a work-related acquaintance. They tried to interest me in getting a gift for my wife, showing me a catalog where I saw a pair of nice slippers. She also tried to get me to take an interest in lingerie for my wife, but nothing about that interested me.

Next, I was in a living room with another man. I was busy washing the tall glass windows, and he was sitting around doing nothing. He was pondering his life when I said to him: “Why not serve the Lord and see the world at the same time?”  He thought that was a fantastic idea and I felt a confirmation in my spirit.  We then began to speak about how the Lord takes His glory up to heaven with Him, that being His saints. As I said these words the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit fell upon us.

It is interesting how the church often speaks about the glory of God falling, but here the Lord was showing us the glory of God is within His saints, and He takes us up to heaven to be with Him.