Our Nation Escapes a Crash

Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California (1868) | Albert Bierstadt

I was in an airplane flying north through what appeared to be Colorado. Looking outside the aircraft window to the west I could see a beautiful mountain. It had a sharp peak and at least three massive rocks protruding from near its summit. I stared and marveled at its beauty. All the other windows on the plane were dark. The pilot was having difficulty controlling the plane and we were in a rapid descent flying through what appeared to be a dark trough in the earth. The plane could not escape, and we were going to crash at a sudden rise in the trough. After a very quick maneuver by the pilot, he cleared the rise and continued the descent within the trough. As the plane came over the rise the right foot of the pilot kicked lose a boulder that had been lodged near the top. The boulder was spinning down the trough underneath the aircraft. We had gained a slight altitude but were still in a rapid descent. The pilot’s foot was bleeding badly from having kicked the boulder. I knew that we had barely cleared this hurdle and that difficulties still lay ahead. The dream ended.