Rescuing a Woman from Sex Trafficking

I saw a young brown haired and brown eyed woman committing sexual acts with a man. I then saw the face of a different middle-eastern man mocking her verbally in Arabic and English and mocking her in writing saying that he held full control of the woman and had bound her into sexual slavery. The woman was also in a relationship with a ministerial friend of mine who was unaware of her condition. The woman was now fully dressed. I approached her, and she asked me if she should tell my friend about the situation. I said: “not necessarily unless he fully understands that you have been held as a sex trafficking victim.” I then took the woman by the hand to lead her to safety. I knew the enemy was following us and I felt an urgency to escape the area. Two roads were leading out; one to the right which snaked into some near-distant hills and then ended in a confusion of dead-end streets, and the other was a straight highway that went to the left and provided a safe route of escape.