The Storm in Northern California

In this dream, I was looking down on the California coastline south of Monterey. There was a rocky bluff with homes perched on top. One house stood above the others; situated higher and further out on a large rock outcropping. It was a modest home, but the panoramic views of the ocean were stunning. Inside were two homosexual men embracing each other. The scene was peaceful.

I then found myself inside the house looking north across the bay at the clear blue waters and steep mountains in the backdrop jetting up from the rocky coastline. Suddenly, the sky grew dark with fierce clouds and ocean rose like a tsunami. Giant wave after wave was churning and crashing against the low-lying coastal areas. The waves were fifty to one-hundred feet in height. I ran from the house and tried to find a place to escape, but all the roads were flooded. People were stranded. Suddenly, the ground thrust upwards from underneath, and I clenched to the earth with my hands to keep from sliding back into the ocean. Then the ground froze and turned to ice. Everything was dark.