Our Nation Descending

My wife and I were flying in a large commercial aircraft, most likely a Boeing 747. We were in the very front of the plane sleeping. I awoke suddenly as the pilot began to descend the aircraft. At first, it felt normal, but then I realized they we were descending too quickly and too early. We were heading northward towards Germany. I looked out a window on the left side of the aircraft and could see a German airplane descending even more quickly in the same pattern, our planes both enveloped in some storm. As I looked forward, I could see the whole landscape opened before me as if the skin of the aircraft was rolled back like a scroll. There were snow covered mountains in front of us that looked like the lower Alps. We descended towards a peak, and the aircraft scraped the top with a bump, but no damage. We were now crash landing in what appeared to be an industrial area of a German city. I could see a fuel storage area in our landing path. I felt we might explode on impact, but the aircraft crash-landed through the thanks without any explosions or damage to the aircraft. I marveled that we were all safe on the ground.