A Mountain Built by Man

I was with a man whom I work for. He is a person of great authority; kind in spirit and very hard working. He showed me a piece of property on a mountain upon which he would build a dream home, a place to retire. I looked up at the mountain and it was called Mount Rainier, the same volcanic mountain situated southeast of Seattle, Washington. But the mountain looked different. The lower portion looked like any other mountain, but the top third was built of geometric cubes. A road led part way up the mountain with a stream of people ascending. I looked up towards the property he wished to purchase. It was very steep, and I pointed out how difficult and expensive it would be construct on. He said he paid $500,000 for the property. Given its perilous location, I felt he might have overpaid. A real estate agent who appeared in the dream agreed with me.

The man then led me up the mountain, following the road until we entered a large freight elevator. Thousands of feet we ascended very rapidly until we came out to a place that was chaotic and filled with human activity. It was very crowded with thousands of people everywhere. I searched for the top of the mountain and strained to find its beautiful form. In the distance, I could see it appear, but it unfolded unnaturally into the sky. Something was not right about it.

We then visited the man’s property. It was a small level area that had been stabilized by multiple steel cables and foundation pilings. There were other houses nearby. I was concerned about its stability, but the construction activities made it look safe. The building began to appear in the dream. At first, just the foundation and one wall facing westward facing, and then the whole house completely formed. It was a narrow and rectangular one-story structure that followed the shape of the property. Beautiful, yet simple in construction, covered in natural stone. Large floor to ceiling windows filled the outward side of the building providing a 180-degree panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. It was truly beautiful. I could see waves crashing against the coastline. But in spite of this beauty, I had this feeling that everything was temporary and unstable, and that the mountain would suddenly erupt without warning, destroying everything that had been built. We then headed back to the freight elevator to begin our descent from the mountain.