Blessing a High School in Mississippi

I was looking down across the southeastern United States, focusing on the State of Mississippi. I could see what appeared to be a high school. I then saw hundreds of students all congregated together in an auditorium. They were wearing red and white uniforms. I began to bless them, and as I did so, saw and felt the spirit of the Lord fall upon them. The Lord began to speak to me in my spirit about the coming revival, and how it will come to the youth, particularly those of high school age.

This dream is being fulfilled this year:

Jessilyn Justice: Mar 3, 2015: Charisma News

Prophetic Words Guiding Student Awakening in Mississippi Schools

"People praying for revival [and] school districts call us and tell us that prayer is breaking out in school and they can't explain it. Students are praying without anyone telling them. This is Ground Zero [for revival]... Look at the next generation! God is going to come back with a force in America because of the next generation that's coming up." -Steve Waldrip

Fourteen years ago, music evangelist Steve Waldrip embarked on a campaign to place "In God We Trust" posters in classrooms in Mississippi's DeSoto County, according to a then-new law. (Photo via Charisma News)

Passed in 2001, House Bill 51 requires any place of student assembly, such as a classroom to display the national motto at 11-by-14 inches with a framed background. The same law "allows children a moment of quiet reflection at the beginning of each school day which they can use to pray if they so desire," letting prayer return to the hallowed halls of education.

"We feel like when we walk into a classroom and put God's name back on these classrooms, we give Him back ownership of where's He's been thrown out," Waldrip says. "Teachers are happy students are getting to pray and God's name is in their classroom."

Waldrip says the work he does is part of a greater prophecy. "There's a prophecy that says Mississippi was a small rudder for a large ship. (This law) is like the prophecy."

The prophetic guidance goes beyond words—Waldrip and his wife have the support of prophet Clay Nash, who works largely with the "Appeal to Heaven" movement.

"We find people doing grass-roots work," Nash says of his involvement with the Waldrips. "We come along beside them, co-labor, partner... to help these godly endeavors."

And the team is seeing what could be a great awakening.

"There's a bit of wind blowing on ember and the flame's starting to show," Nash says.

Though mandated by law, some of the Mississippi schools have failed to post the motto.

Fearful of threats from the American Civil Liberties Union and Freedom From Religion Foundation, certain districts have dragged their feet toward compliance. A 2013 audit of schools revealed less than half the schools—41 percent—had the motto posted.

Waldrip renewed his effort, and with the help of Nash and other leaders in the state, "In God We Trust" is appearing on more school walls.

"Right now, 40,000 children are saying God's name in every classroom in all counties because of what God has us doing," Waldrip says.

The progress is God marking the state according to prophetic revelations.

"Let me help you understand, you are living in a state that has a history that is not all that pretty," prophesied Derrick McCoy, Bishop Harry Jackson's assistant. "Because of that I hear God saying I can turn the ship and this state will be a spiritual rudder into the stern of the spirituality of America."