Standing Next to President Obama

In the first part of the dream at a podium in what looked like the press room at the White House. President Obama was standing opposite across from me looking out to a room filled with people. I was holding a small cheap gift in my hand. He asked me in a somewhat sarcastic tone where I had gotten the gift. “Why from you Mr. President” I replied.  The room laughed.

In the second part of the dream, the President was standing in the same spot next to a whiteboard. I was standing to his right looking out across the room, and he was writing things on the board. They may have been related to his policies, but I was not paying attention. I was ignoring what he was saying. I felt like the Lord was giving me an opportunity to advise the President, in the spirit on policy issues, and even felt from the Lord that if I did not speak to the President that I would be missing an opportunity to share the Lord’s truth with him. I began to speak to the President from the Holy Spirit.