The Rain

I was sitting on a large fallen log by a wide rain-swollen river. The waters were swift, but there were no rapids. The sky was overcast as if about to rain, and the landscape was wooded with deciduous trees and lush green vegetation. There was a small group of people standing in front of me nearer the river. They were talking with each other, but I was not paying attention to what they were saying.

I watched as three men came from the woods to my left and walked into the river. They were wearing casual business clothing, and each was carrying a very large heavy book or box. They walked upstream effortlessly against the current—the water reaching up to their chest in places.

The men then walked out of the river and reentered the woods to my right. I turned around to see them. They were completely soaked; their wet clothing was sagging from their bodies. It then began to rain. The air was damp and cool, so I did not want to get wet. I could feel the raindrops on my head, and when I held out my hand, the raindrops felt like the Spirit of the Lord descending upon us. I was overwhelmed with His presence and stood up and began to dance around praising the Lord saying: “The rain, Oh, the rain.” I repeated this over and over until I awoke. I awoke completely immersed in His peace.