Our Crown of Suffering

I was riding my bike to meet up with a group of Christians. As I entered this stone building, I saw to my left a sizeable group of men and women sitting at long rectangular tables. They were talking, laughing and having a great time of fellowship together. To my right, I saw Jesus walking quickly towards a small door that was along the back side of the building. He was wearing a long reddish-purple colored robe and had a gold crown on his head. He did not look at me or any of the other Christians. He had His eyes fixed on the door and moved quickly towards it. I said to Him in my spirit: “I also have a crown on my head. Why did you not take notice of me?” I then answered the Lord in my spirit: “I understand. The crown I am to wear is a crown of suffering.” I saw Jesus open the door. Behind the door was complete darkness. He paused for a minute to look back and see if anyone else was standing there with Him. He entered in and closed the door behind Him.

This dream is about a decision point. I was invited to the building and was given an opportunity to join the fellowship of Christians. But I was also given the opportunity to follow Jesus into this dark place. To follow Jesus requires us to wear His crown of suffering. It is a life of sacrifice; dedicated entirely to following Him. The Lord further spoke to me about Christ’s glory. It did not come until He was crucified on the cross. Neither will Christ’s glory come upon us until we sacrifice our lives for Him.