A Decree from Heaven

I was with a friend of mine in a prayer room. There were others in the background. We were all worshiping the Lord and praying in succession when my friend interjected and said it was time for me to pray in a specific prayer. I began praying that the Lord would rend the heavens, but my friend interrupted me and said: "No, there is another order that must be prayed right now."

I was then given from the Lord a written prayer and decree. I read it out loud with a firm and authoritative voice. I don’t remember the whole decree, but I remember this part: “Satan has declared war on our nation.” I responded: “But he will not win.” I continued to read: “We release the armies of heaven to come to our rescue and protection.” The call was urgent and immediate. This war is intense, and casualties will be high. We will not prevail without this army, and they will not come unless we call them. But the Lord will release His armies for us IF WE ASK. The key is, we must ask, and we must ask now. As I awoke, I continued in prayer for our nation.