Supernatural Provision

I was with my wife when a Pastor I know from California approached me and began to speak of supernatural provision from the Lord. He then pointed to a small cardboard box about the size of a cigarette package that was set in place by an angel, propped against a building wall. I opened the box, and to my astonishment, it was packed with crisp $100 and $200 bills totaling $50,000. There was also an old torn one dollar and a five-dollar bill in the box. I laughed at them wondering why the Lord would include these along with all the others given their poor conditional and financial insignificance. I was excited at what I had just witnessed and knew with anticipation in my spirit the Lord would do the same for us. I looked at our home and saw a small package left by an angel. Inside was a small, but very beautiful lapel pin. I wept with tears and spoke with the angel about how difficult our financial condition was for ministry work. I was about to attach the pin to my wife’s shirt when another Pastor and his son I know from California pulled up in their truck. I began to share with them about the Lord’s supernatural provision.