The Coming Flood

I was walking along the edge of a muddy, turbulent river. A man was walking with me. He had black, curly hair. The banks of the river were eroded barren, and there was much debris in the river indicating it had recently flooded. The river ran between two forested mountains. The upper benches of the river were covered with dense, low-lying vegetation and not trees, indicating that the upper benches had flooded in the past, but not recently enough for the trees to grow back.

I suddenly sensed in my spirit that another flood was coming. Instinctively, I ran towards higher ground. I was able to run at a speed that felt supernatural. Before I could reach the upper bench, I saw the wall of water racing towards me. I crept down behind an embankment that was covered with vegetation. As the flood rushed past me, it splashed over the bench but did not otherwise approach me.