Dressed in White and Gold

I walked into a small congregation led by a Messianic pastor friend of mine. There was a younger man with a beard on the far-left side of the room, playing an electric guitar and leading worship. Next to him was another younger man playing a horned instrument. The music was powerful, and the twenty to thirty people in the room were all dancing. There was a row of chairs along the right wall. I sat down on one of the chairs and watched the people.

Two large wooden armchairs appeared along the wall to my right; one slightly larger than the other. Sitting on the left larger armchair was an older man with greyish white hair. He was dressed in a white linen robe that was braided and adorned with gold trim. He was holding a golden shepherd’s staff in his hand, with a curved hook on the top. The staff then became the rod of Moses. The man had the appearance of being a very high member of the Catholic Church; maybe even the pope. Then, a very distinguished younger couple entered the room from the left. They were tall, had fair skin and blond hair, and wore clothing like the couple in the picture. The man had gold spectacles and was wearing white pants that had gold stripes down their sides, and a white jacket with gold buttons. The woman was wearing a beautiful white dress that was fringed with gold. The woman then went and sat down on the armchair next to the older man. Her husband remained standing amid the people who were dancing. He seemed to be amused by their worship.

When I looked at this wed couple, I was overwhelmed with the presence and love of the Lord. I began weeping and worshiping the Lord. Then, an older woman who had been sitting next to me on one of the side chairs stood up to go near the woman in the white dress. She was hit with the presence of the Holy Spirit and fell to the floor. I reached out to her shoulder and began praying for her.

Several days after I had this dream, I discovered that my Messianic Pastor friend had been in Warsaw, Poland. The dream started to become clear, as it represented the difference between the free worshiping Messianic Christians in the room and the more rule-oriented and formally dressed Catholic Christians. The Lord desires to bring His Church together as one body, with the freedom and spirit of the Messianic Christians, and the obedience and order of the Catholic Christians.