The Earthquake and the Tsunami

I was in a house with my wife. I did not recognize the rooms, and I was unclear as to whether the house belonged to us or was a temporary dwelling. I left the house and walked until I came to a sound. There was a clear area by the water surrounded by lush vegetation, and a group of young men was playing what appeared to be a soccer game. Several older men were coaching them. Across the sound were beautiful, barren mountains. Their ball landed in the water, and one of the players went in to retrieve it. He came out of the water with a ball of mud containing a gooey duck, a type of clam native to the Pacific Northwest. He handed it to one of the older men, and he began to extract the neck of the clam from the mud ball. Some of the mud splattered on my white polo shirt. I watched with interest for a short while and left the area.

I then followed what appeared to be a dirt road that was under construction. It was being carved through a lush deciduous forest. I came to a curve and noticed two or three wrecked cars that had gone off the road. I followed the road around the curve where it suddenly ended. Immediately, I found myself on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. The vegetation had changed to tropical, and sprinklers were watering a thick vine that was growing over the edge of the cliff. The vine was being cultivated for edible fruit. I could see houses below the cliff near the ocean, and a sandy beach following a wide cove to my left.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake violently. I saw trees splintering into sawdust from the intense shaking. I looked across the cove and saw an enormous tsunami rising out of the ocean. It swept into the cove with incredible force. I was carried away by the water, and floating beneath its surface in the dark depths, an air void appeared around my head. I was able to breathe, and the current gently carried me slowly, in a deliberate direction towards a safe place. Immediately before the air ran out and the bubble collapsed, I reappeared in the same house that was at the beginning of the dream. My wife was still there, organizing and cleaning a countertop.