Written Judgments Against America

This dream came in three parts. In the first part, I heard a judgment against America that had been written in heaven. I sought to find out what it said, and the hand of the Lord reached down and showed me a white piece of paper with words of multiple increasing judgments. It was clear. The judgments were sealed because of the sins of our nation, and no prayers would erase them.

In the next part of the dream, I was inside a house near Mount Rainer, Washington. I knew in my spirit that the first judgment against America would be the eruption of this mountain. It would not harm many people but would cause property damage and be disruptive to ordinary daily activities. Suddenly, the north side of the mountain exploded into a fiery orange ball, with plumes of black ash and smoke that ascended into the atmosphere. A ball of fire descended upon the house I was in, so I evacuated quickly with my wife. We traveled towards the southerly end of the mountain and crossed the Nisqually River. It was rising fast but had not yet flooded from the sudden glacial melt.

In the third and final part of the dream, I saw the Leviathan moving up the Nisqually River from the Puget Sound. It snaked its way towards the mountain and descended into the earth. I saw the serpent take the form of a demon who was Satan. He was prepared to release the eruption and was very excited about the destruction he was going to bring upon the land. I knew in my spirit that his motives were hateful, and I stood opposed to him in the spirit. I then took my hand, and deep inside the earth, I plugged the volcano hole with my fist. Satan was powerless, and the eruption was stopped.

I was pleased but was worried that I might have stood in opposition to the Lord’s will. But I was reminded that the Lord has always desired His grace and mercy over His judgments. I believe this is the authority by which we are to pray in this dire season of our nation. While the judgments are already written in heaven, and Satan is one of the Lord’s instruments to deliver His judgments, the Lord will honor the prayers of His children who cry out for mercy in these last days and will delay these judgments until the time of the end.