A Vision of Hell

The Fallen Angels Entering Pandemonium | John Martin

In my spirit early one morning, I asked the Lord to allow me to descend into hell. I cannot fully explain why I wanted to go, except that I was in anguish over those who were there. I wanted to save them. The Lord gave me permission and authority to enter. I blew the breath of the Holy Spirit out of my mouth, and a hole emerged in the earth. I blew a second and then a third time and the hole penetrated down into hell. I could see my spirit leave my body and descend into the black hole. It was a long dark shaft, perfectly round.

I descended for some time and then entered an enormous cavern at the center of the earth. A city sprawled out as far as I could see; buildings, houses, and church steeples everywhere. The cavern was completely dark except for a luminous orange glow that flickered off the stone walls. Every building was on fire; not the outside, just the inside. The red flames were flickering in the windows. Black smoke rose from the buildings and hovered at the top of the cavern. It created an eerie glowing fog.

I panned across the city searching for people but could not see them. Eventually, I descended upon a square, modern looking building that resembled a hospital. Its white stone veneer was showing age and distress. I entered through the front glass doors and stood in a reception area. There was a tall, long desk, but no one was there. It looked aged and dusty. I waited for a short while and then began exploring the building. I followed a hallway to the right and came to an equipment room. The door was locked, so I peered through a glass window. The equipment was also aged and distressed. It seemed it was for saving and prolonging lives but had a futile sense about it.

I returned to the reception area, and a woman doctor came out to see me. She was in her late forties, maybe mid-fifties. She had an empty, expressionless look about her. I sensed in her spirit that she had dedicated her whole life to saving people but had never given her life to the Lord. She wanted to help me and wondered why no one ever came to the reception room.

She then led me into another waiting room in the back. It was rather small, and there were wooden benches along two walls. Three people were sitting there; a middle-aged bearded man and his teenage daughter to my right, and a middle-aged man with round spectacle glasses sitting on a bench to my left. I remember everything about them—their clothing, facial features, and their empty souls. The young woman had a broken leg and was holding a crutch. She was angry and yelling because she was not healing. Her father sat there, emotionless and without any answers for her.

The man on my left also sat there with an empty, expressionless look. I went over and spoke close to his face: “Do you want to know Jesus?” I spoke to him several times, but he could not acknowledge, nor understand who I was speaking of. He had no comprehension of Jesus. I felt very sad for these people, and I knew they would spend eternity separated from the Lord, left exactly in the condition in which they died—some middle-aged and some young. All their diseases and ailments would remain with them forever. They would never experience life or healing; only the empty condition of a soul separated from God.

Jesus then came along my side and took my hand. He did not speak, but His Spirit confirmed what I now understood. Those who die without the Lord cannot repent nor accept Jesus. Their fate is sealed, and they will never know the Lord. They will remain in their empty, hopeless condition for all eternity. I came out of the vision with an intense desire to share the love of Christ, and His promise of salvation to those who accept Him.