The King of Clay

I was in a light dream state when I heard or felt that things were going on in the spiritual realm. I pressed in to see and hear what was going on and saw a vision of hundreds of Hebrew letters scrolling in front of me. They were written in black ink and set against a parchment background like a scroll or book. The flashed too quickly, and I could not read them, so in my spirit, I asked they be slowed down. I took my finger and wrote on the floor with my request. As I moved my fingers the letters carved an inscription. Then everything slowed down.

A clear image appeared in front of me, which I will now describe. It was three dimensional and floated in black space. I saw a robust looking king made of dry clay sitting on a large clay throne. He wore a crown and a heavy robe. At his right hand was a smaller king made of clay, also wearing a crown and a robe. This king was attached at the back to the right hand of the larger king and had an expressionless look on his face like a puppet or marionette. Sitting in front of the clay king was a family of four—a father, mother, daughter, and son. They looked brainwashed and zombie-like.

The larger king then spoke to me; his voice was very deep and sinister sounding. He said: “I am executing the book of Michal (Michelle in Hebrew). I knew the voice was satanic, and I shut down the vision. After contemplating for a few moments, I wanted to confirm who the king was in the vision. So, in my spirit, I instructed the vision to return. The same image appeared; only this time I could now also see a clay gargoyle sitting in front of the large king below his throne. As I stared at the gargoyle, it transformed itself into a gremlin with wings and the face of a cat. I then absolutely knew the image of the king was Satan himself. When this confirmation came to me in the spirit, the gargoyle, and after that the two kings transformed themselves into brilliant white light and disappeared. Then I came out of the vision.