Sudden Darkness and Terror Coming in an Instant

My wife and I were standing on top of a hill overlooking a serene and lush rolling landscape; tall green grass covered the pasture, and beautiful dark green hardwood trees framed the meadow in the near distance. There were dozens of sheep grazing on the hillside, and I could see a shepherd standing not far to our right. The sky was blue and calm, and it felt very peaceful.

Then in a split second, the sky turned completely black, and a fierce tempest kicked up, blowing debris and hail particles in every direction. The shepherd ran away in terror, and the sheep began sprinting aimlessly in every direction. The sheep then formed a pack and began heading towards us. I thought we were going to get trampled, but the sheep circled us several times and eventually huddled in close. Peace settled over them, and they calmed down. I looked at my wife and knew that we had been called for this season to shepherd those who had been abandoned. The presence of the Lord saturated us, and I awoke in His peace.

Jer 10:21 For the shepherds have become dull-hearted, And have not sought the LORD; Therefore they shall not prosper, And all their flocks shall be scattered.

Zec 11:17 “ Woe to the worthless shepherd, Who leaves the flock! A sword shall be against his arm And against his right eye; His arm shall completely wither, And his right eye shall be totally blinded.”

Jer 23:4 I will set up shepherds over them who will feed them; and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, nor shall they be lacking,” says the LORD.