The Volcano Under the Shopping Mall

I was in New England driving westbound on a new road that appeared to be under construction. The gravel was down, but there was no asphalt. A construction crew was planting trees in neatly spaced square planter boxes. The boxes were covered with beautiful fall colored leaves that had become frozen to the ground. Something seemed off. It was summer or early fall construction season, but the ground had already become frozen as if winter had set in. As I drove further west, I could see rolling green hills frosted with snow. It was only September or October, but again winter appeared to have come very early.

I looked to the south and could see a large outdoor shopping mall. I then saw what appeared to be a volcanic bulge rising from the parking lot. Water from the ground had been pressurized and swelled to the surface in several pools. It then flowed off the mound in several heated streams. I approached the mall and walked around the volcanic mound towards a movie theatre. Suddenly, hot brown acidic water rushed towards me from inside the theatre. It was up to my knees in depth. The ground began to shake violently as the bulge continued to grow. I looked southerly into the mall and could volcanic explosions rise from the ground. People were moving away but did not appear to be overly concerned. I tried warning them to flee the area quickly, but they did not seem to be listening.