Our Country Falls

I was in an airplane that was about to take off. The plane headed down the runway in an easterly direction. It seemed to be lacking power and could not get very far off the ground. The pilot was heading towards a large bridge, and to avoid colliding with it leveled the plane and flew under the bridge. He then tried to gain altitude, but again the plane lacked power. I was sitting in the first row behind the cockpit. I could see the plane heading towards a building. The pilot banked the plane to the left and clipped the right wing on a billboard that was on top of the building.

The plane was now beginning to drop very quickly. I could see the pilot level the plan and head towards a large open field in an attempt to crash land the aircraft. The nose was pointed down, and it seemed unavoidable that we were about to crash. I said to Jesus “looks like I will see you real soon.” I braced for the impact. I felt the pressure as we hit the ground but no pain. I awoke in the dream and found myself lying under a curved section of the fuselage at the very front of the wreckage. The impact was so intense that all my clothes, excepting my socks and under ware had been stripped from my body. But there was not a scratch on my body. I crawled out from under the fuselage and looked back. There was nothing left but ashes of the aircraft. The impact was very intense.

I then looked to my right and saw an older woman come out of a two-story house that was maybe fifty feet from the wreckage. I sat down on a wooden bench that was in her garden. Realizing I had been spared from the impact, I looked at her and said something about having faith in the Lord. She walked past me and said in a calm voice: “If we pray, there may be hope for our country.”