The Garden on the Hill

I was in Jesus’ secret garden. It was on a hill in what appeared to be Judea just outside of Jerusalem. The hill was planted with young pine trees that were only about six inches in diameter. They were perfectly straight and had been pruned up from the bottom; their canopies were reaching about twenty or thirty feet into the air. He took me to the top of the hill and showed me a great city in the distance. I felt such peace and comfort in this place. I looked at him and said: “we are so not worthy to be in this place with you.” He didn’t pay any attention to my statement, but in His Spirit, he acknowledged my humility.

Jesus then walked down the hill very quickly towards a group of men. He was punching holes with his fist into the rocky soil and creating planting holes for shrubs. It seemed that He wanted to decorate the garden with flowering Azalea shrubs. The men were planting these shrubs into the holes, but they were complaining about all the work. Jesus said to me: “Tell them, do I ever stop attending to your needs for even one second?” In my Spirit, He was saying: “If I am continually attending to your needs, cannot you not at least for part of your time attend to mine?” And He also seemed to be saying: “Is this such a difficult task for you?”