Worshiping the Lord

I was on my way to a concert to worship the Lord. I had some extra time, so I walked into an aquarium store and began looking around. A few minutes before the concert was to start I walked up to the ticket booth. The person informed me the concert was sold out. I was very disappointed, but then I looked at some papers I was holding and discovered that I already had a ticket. An usher came up to me and escorted me inside. There were thousands of people already seated. We walked up the center and then turned towards the left side of the auditorium. I saw a lead African American woman singer, choir and band up on stage. All the seats were full, and the only place left in the building was a small area directly in front of the state just to the left of the center. There were no seats in this area, so I stood there by myself. As soon as the woman began singing, I joined with her in worship. I was overwhelmed by the presence of God, and an overwhelming sense of gratefulness that I had been given a free ticket to this concert with a place directly in front of the stage. I woke up full of the joy, love, and peace of the Lord.