Freeing the Captives

I was in a small room; almost like a hallway. In front of me was what appeared to be an elevator shaft. There was what appeared to be an elevator car inside, and it was divided into three sections; like a revolving door. As the door turned, I could see the symbolism that represented the peoples of the world. The atmosphere was dark, and they seemed bound in structure. I prayed that the yoke of their bondage would be lifted. As I prayed, I pressed into the elevator shaft and broke through to the other side. There was freedom. I was now in a hallway pressing forward. The presence of God was overwhelmingly strong; like a wave, it moved forward as walked down the hallway. There were several other people. I grabbed their arms and brought them forward with me. At the end of the hallway was a room with other people standing around. They were talking casually, not paying attention to our arrival. I burst into the room and yelled: “Yahweh.” My voice spread the wave out into the room, and it hit them like a concussion. Now they took notice, and several were falling over from the presence of God.

I then found myself walking down a long shopping mall corridor. It was so long that I could not see its end. I walked forward, and the wave of God moved with me. I grabbed several other people by the arm and brought them with me. As I looked ahead, I suddenly saw the mall exploding and coming towards me. The spirit spoke to me and said: “I am destroying their material idolatry.”