Nuclear War on Our Cities

My wife and I were at our house. Suddenly, a nuclear explosion went off in a nearby city. I looked outside and saw dark black clouds filling the expanse of the horizon. At the center were the darkest clouds, and there were bolts of lightning surrounding this dark cloud mass. We went back inside to avoid the fallout, but as we looked up, we could see white radioactive fallout material coming through all the cracks in the ceiling.

Then a nuclear weapon landed in our city. I looked out and could see the streaks of light from the explosion. We started running away from the city. There were thousands of people trying to flee. I looked at my wife and said: “We are giants, we can escape this.” We grew and started running through the crowds. We ran fast and tirelessly. It was amazing to feel so effortless. We never tired nor wearied. We kept running until we came to the far north edge of town where it felt safe.