A Divided Church

I was in a building with two rooms. To my right was a gathering room and in front of me was a room with a beverage bar. I had come to deliver a message. Inside the gathering room were mostly men and some women standing around tables, talking casually and not taking an interest in any serious issues, including those I came to discuss. There was a foolish spirit about them. I had left the room and came to the bar for a drink. The person served up an orange liquid that appeared to be like concentrated orange juice. There was juice spilled all over the counter, and everything was sticky. I was wearing a white shirt and tie, and I was trying to lift the cup without getting sticky orange sweetener on me.

I looked to my right and saw a professionally dressed woman sitting at the bar. She had long brown hair and small, non-Jewish looking facial features. She said to me: “You look like someone who is rising.” I paused for a minute and then confidently responded: “Yes.” I looked at her and asked if she was Jewish. She said: “Yes.” There was a smugness about her response. I then told her I was also Jewish.