The Dawn is Coming

I was with my family; leading them on a journey that would take us to an intended destination. We were walking through the mountains on a narrow, windy trail. It was dark and only the moon provided enough light for us to see where we were going. I could faintly see mountain slopes all around us that at one time had been covered with large trees. All that remained were stumps, yet a new harvest of young trees was rising from the stumps.

We came to a short, yet steep part of the trail. I climbed up first, but my son quickly moved ahead of me. My daughter climbed up without wanting any help. And my wife was struggling, so I reached down my hand and lifted her. It was very exhausting. Once at the top, I turned around to the east and peered through a narrow gorge. I could see the trail following the gorge for a short distance, and then it opened into a great expanse that looked like an ocean. I knew that the dawn was coming, and as I looked to the east, I saw a great light. It was stunning. The light was whiter and brighter than anything I had ever seen, and I could feel the glory of God radiating from it. The center of the light shifted a little and became somewhat hidden by a rock outcropping at the far end of the gorge. I could see where the trail led out from the gorge and entered across this vast ocean. The surface looked like a mirror and reflected the warm colors of the sunlight. A woman was walking a short distance ahead of us just past the mouth of the gorge. She was wearing a long beautiful dress and carrying an umbrella that she tilted back across her right shoulder. There was a calmness about her, and it appeared as if she was walking on the surface of the ocean. It was an impressive scene.

My family and I continued walking for a short distance through the gorge and came to the edge of the ocean. A stream was flowing into it from the mountains. We were about reading to step out when my wife saw a water snake swimming down in the stream. She became interested in the snake and bent down to pick it up by its tail. As she lifted the snake, it stretched itself out in front of her; swinging itself around trying to bite anything in its reach. My wife had an innocence and playfulness about her and didn’t recognize the possible risk from the snake. It did not appear to be poisonous, yet it had large fangs. It swung around and bit me on the neck, but its venom did not affect. Eventually, she let the snake go.