Preparation for the Harvest

I was riding on the front of a farm machine that appeared to be traditionally used for harvesting wheat. I looked across a large field covered with wheat straw. The kernels had already fallen to the ground without being harvested, and the straw was dry and pale colored; much of it crushed or bent over. The machine was moving up the right side of the field very quickly, not harvesting the straw, but churning up the soil into fine powder reading for replanting. There were several large stones in front of us. I was concerned they would stop the machine, but it plowed right through without any notice of the stones; pulverizing them into powder.

At the east end of the field was what appeared to be a forested area. There was an old trail that had been cut through, and the machine followed this trail tilling the soil and weeds into a fine powder. The trail curved to the north and then back towards the wheat field to the west. The vegetation became very dense and vine-like. We stopped at one point on the trail where thorny vines were growing over. I got off the machine and began cutting the vines back. I looked at the soil and could see that it was very hard like concrete. The machine had barely done anything more than scratch the surface.

The next day I told my pastor friend Kenny about the dream, and the next night he had a dream about him and his wife walking through a massive wheat field that had just been harvested. They were both filled with incredible joy because they knew they had been part of the harvest. I believe this dream is a continuation of the first; revealing the season, we are in. Presently the Lord is preparing the land for a great seed planting that will be followed by a great harvest. Some are laboring for the harvest while others will labor in the harvest. Both will rejoice together in heaven with the Lord.