Jesus — The Suffering Servant

I was walking and talking with a man. We were in what appeared to be a train museum. I was telling the man how the Lord had spoken to me about His healing of my marriage. As I told him the story, I felt an overwhelming sense of repentance and conviction that brought me to tears. When I awoke from the dream, I was covered with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. As I peered into the darkness, I saw the face of Jesus. He appeared to be in agony. I could see the hairs in His beard so clearly. I then saw Him standing away from me; no shirt and with His arms crossed. He held a posture of rejection, and I sensed in the spirit that He did not know me. I cried out for Him not to forsake me. I did this for a while, and then I saw what appeared to be a Jewish family sitting at their dining room table. There was glowing radiance to the room and a sense of peace. In the spirit, God told me how he had healed this family also.