Rain on the Land — The Lush Landscape of Ireland

I was walking up a gravel country road, the sky was grey, and there was a light rain pouring down. The road went up a gradual hill, and as I walked along, I could see a few weathered houses here and there. There was a complete peace about the whole scene. Towards the top of the hill were several graded lots awaiting new homes. The lots were covered with lush, tall green grass, and surrounded by dark green fir trees as if cut out of a forest. At the top of the hill was a gravel cul-de-sac. To my left were a vacant lot and one peculiar looking home. An older woman was standing on the front porch, and when she saw me, she invited me in. As I walked through the house, I could see that it had been built towards the back of the lot along the edge of a cliff. The house had a large bank of glass windows, and I could see rusty steel rods holding up the house; buried into the basaltic rock. I gazed over the edge, becoming dizzy from the height. But then I looked out and saw this incredibly beautiful valley.

It was a rather small, u-shaped valley. Everything was lush, bright green. To my right, I could see a tranquil stream and small waterfall pouring unto the valley floor. To my left was a small stand of purple, green fir trees, their color so deep that it defies description. And straight ahead, the valley opening framed a round hill that was perfectly lined with fruit trees. I have never seen such perfection in an orchard. I was so captivated that my spirit because fully overwhelmed; every sense in me was stimulated.