Dividing the Land of Israel

This dream came in three parts. The first part, I was sitting in a conference room with two women sitting at a panel table. One woman wanted to discuss the Vail over the Jewish people. The other women seem apprehensive. I boldly and firmly told her she should not do so, and that such a discussion would lead to an unending cycle of self-righteousness and ultimately no explanation. In the second part, I was looking at the land around Jerusalem and was observing how through U.S. diplomacy, the land was being divided between the Jewish people and the Arab nations. I sensed in the spirit that God was not happy with our involvement with, and the forced separation of the land. In the last part of the dream, I was standing with a woman that I know and a friend of hers. We were outside a dark storefront, trying to get in, and looking for a third intercessor woman. The familiar woman turned to me and said that her intercessor friend had recently told her that God was unhappy with the U.S. strategy in Israel to divide the land and that our actions if continued, would cause millions of people to die.