The Majestic Mountains

I was in a valley looking up at a wooded hillside. At the top was a building that was being constructed. It had an Asian architectural appearance, with rooftops that fanned out in opposite directions like the sails of a Chinese Junk ship. I climbed up the hill and walked into the building. There were several men there who were overseeing the construction. There was much work to be done, but they looked at each other and said: “We will have this building done in five weeks.”

I walked on and found myself on top of a high plateau. The terrain was slightly rolling and extremely lush with green fields stretching into the distance as far as I could see. There were several large, rectangular piles of hay that were still covered with snow from a recent storm. There were small farms scattered throughout the landscape and a small city in the distance. I continued walking until I came to the edge of the plateau. The green fields disappeared sharply into a range of the most majestic mountains I have ever seen. The air was so clear I could see every crevice. The ridges ran perpendicular away from me and were bisected by an alpine valley in the distance, and another range of purple mountains that ran perpendicular to these. I could see a gold building nestled into one mountain. It had walls around it and several structures with multiple Greek Orthodox style gold-domed roofs. I looked to the left and could see another structure. I tried to take a picture, but the altitude and the sheer beauty took my breath away. I could hardly breathe and was having difficulty holding the camera steady.

I turned around and could see an older city that I had previously viewed from a distance. The buildings were still in relatively good shape, but the town looked abandoned. I focused on a barn-like structure, admiring the timbers and vertical wood batten boards. Over the door was an old sign with white lettering. I don’t remember what it said. I then noticed the ground started being covered with white plywood panels. They were placed in a brick pattern and came across the rolling terrain towards me. I then found myself standing on the panels, feeling a harmony about them.