Air Force One

I was standing out on an airport tarmac looking for the runway on which my flight was to take off. Suddenly to my right I saw a black, futuristic looking aircraft with a large, overtop boomerang shaped wing assembly. It had gold writing on it and the seal of the United States. It read: “Air Force One.” I couldn’t see any engines, and the plane seemed almost to hover before it landed.

The plane then moved to a runway position heading east. A voice called out the name of the aircraft: “Star Light.” It began accelerating and then lifted off the ground. Almost out of the now where, a very massive building appeared. The building spanned almost the entire horizon. I could see a puff of smoke come up from the top of the plane as it veered sharply to the right to avoid the building. As the plane continued to the right, an even larger building appeared and again blocked the flight of the aircraft. The plane then accelerated hard and climbed straight up. I didn’t even clear the top of the building when the engines stalled, and the plane crashed straight down on the runway before me. The plane disintegrated into a pile of twisted metal and burning fuselage. I then heard a voice ask in a very serious, almost Secret Service tone: “What time was the President scheduled to board the plane?” There was a confirmation that the President had indeed been on this flight. Then there was incredible silence as if the person knew the President had been killed, yet nothing was spoken as if a protocol had been enacted.