Forged by Fire

I was in a large gathering hall with other men. My son was with me. Off to the side and near the entrance to this room was a counter located in a mezzanine area. A blacksmith was standing behind the counter showing me two samples of metal. To the right was a thin, spindly sample that was relatively soft and flexible. To the left was a large solid piece that was very dense and hard. It had a density number that was off the charts: 780,000 to the power of 66,000. I tapped on the metal to confirm its hardness. The man then showed me a metal object that was formed from the harder material. It was shaped like a spindle but was not very attractive and didn’t appear at all useful. On its side was a white note with a small inscription that read something like this: “The hands of man formed this object without the wisdom of God.” The man then took the metal object, placed it into the fire until it turned bright orange, and started forging it with his hammer. I watched him forge the object into a beautiful lampstand.