The Flood — Escaping Behind the Wall of Protection

I was walking along a road that followed the top bank of a winding creek channel. The low-flow area of the creek was rather small, but the depth and width of the overall channel lead me to believe that a larger flood could sweep through the area. The banks were nicely manicured and gradually sloping giving a peaceful appearance. At one point I came to a house that had been built into the channel. It had stilts underneath to raise it slightly, but not enough to escape a larger flood.

Suddenly, I heard a deep rumbling, and I knew that a torrent of water was heading towards us at a great speed. There were others with me, including some that I recognized. I warned them to escape, and they followed me to an area that was behind a massive concrete wall that paralleled the channel a short distance away. We arrived there just as the wall of water ripped through the channel. The backwater from the flood poured back in around us, but it didn’t cause us any harm. I looked and saw a naked, bearded man sitting up to his waste in the standing water. He looked confused and had a childish mannerism to his behavior, cupping the water in his hands and letting it dribble out.