God is Protecting a Remnant of His People

I was inside the lobby of what appeared to be a government office building. There was a group of men desiring to enter the building. I was suspicious of them, concerned they might blow up or otherwise harm the building. I was looking for the police chief, so I could have their bags screened. After searching for a while and not finding him, I decided to inspect the individuals myself. I looked in their small bags and found lime green and red makeup, hair feathers, and other funny costumes. At one point I could see red makeup smeared on one of the men’s faces. They seemed both silly and harmless, so I let them enter the building.

I decided to enter ahead of them. Suddenly I found myself inside of an old, large stone building. There were small windows up above, so there was some light inside, but the building looked old and uninhabited. I recognized the building immediately. I danced around saying: “This is the tabernacle of the Lord.” I looked over a saw a rectangular glass case on one side.

Contrary to the inside of the stone building, the entire case was illuminated with a glowing light as if God himself was lighting it. Behind the front glass panel was a brass menorah with a Jewish star. The rest of the case was filled with the tall, but narrow clay pots. There were trails of steam coming out of the tops.

For some reason, I instantly recognized this scene. It may have been in another dream, but I had seen these clay pots before, only this time the case was much larger. I went over to the case to look in, but when I pressed my face up against the glass, all I could see was black. I focused, and then I saw a very dark room with piles of rubble on the floor. The piles were moving as if alive. I heard a voice say to me: “This is what my people have left me.” I felt deep sorrow and began crying uncontrollably. I knew that we had turned our backs on God and that we had left his tabernacle in ruins. I awoke and continued to feel deep sorrow. I cried gently for a while.

This dream is very deep and complex. The men wanting to enter the church I feel represent the wild branches. I have seen their behavior and was concerned for the safety of the building. But to God their behavior and sees it as just foolishness. The building represents the tabernacle or temple of God. Because of my Jewish heritage, I entered before them. As it says: “To the Jew first and then to the gentile.” The tabernacle is empty because God has not restored it and we have not entered that time yet. Inside the tabernacle, God is protecting a remnant of his Jewish people. When I looked inside the glass case, I saw ruins. The Jewish people are in ruins, and the voice said: “And this is what my people have left me.” Their hearts have not been rebuilt, and the inner place in their hearts, the holy of holies has not been restored. Not until they accept their Messiah. When they do, they will be released into God’s temple.

The message for the Gentiles is that the church will not come into its full glory and will not enter the tabernacle of God without the Jewish people. The wild branches will be grafted into the natural branches, but not before. I believe this relationship will be symbiotic; in other words, we all need each other.

Isa 14:1 When the LORD will have compassion on Jacob and again choose Israel, and settle them in their own land, then strangers will join them and attach themselves to the house of Jacob.

Isa 42:6 Yet at the same time, we the Jewish people are not to reject our Gentile brothers and sisters. We are to bring them to God.  “I am the LORD, I have called You in righteousness, I will also hold You by the hand and watch over You, And I will appoint You as a covenant to the people, As a light to the nations.