The Empty Building

I was inside of a concrete building, maybe eight or ten stories high. It had a solid and strong appearance. The concrete had a typical grey appearance and had not been painted or covered over anywhere on the building. Standing on the top floor looking out of a window, I could see the building was surrounded by debris or rubble, possibly from construction or possibly from some other calamity. A tall, thin Jewish man was wandering around. He had a clean-cut beard. There was also a tall, thin woman walking around. I sensed the building and the people in it were in danger. I felt as though we were going to be bombed. I mentioned this to the man, but he seemed uninterested. I then looked out the window and saw another man placing explosives near the foundation of the building. Again, I warned the man, but he didn’t seem concerned. I found a safe area in the middle of the building, sat down on the floor and leaned up against a concrete wall. After several moments I heard an explosion that severed and collapsed a large corner of the building. I ran outside to see the damage. People were walking around the debris, mostly women and children. I saw a dark blue couch in a debris pile. Then I awoke.

This dream could have multiple meanings. First, I awoke the next day to find out that a building had been blown up in Iraq. Over one hundred people died. There were many complaints that security over the building had not been taken seriously.

Secondly, I felt the building might represent Judaism. It is a strong, solid building, but the inside is not finished. Its interior is cold and feels like stone.

Jer 2:5 Thus says the LORD, What injustice did your fathers find in Me, That they went far from Me And walked after emptiness and became empty?

God has promised to replace our hearts of stone with hearts of flesh. This is the completeness that our Messiah brings. The building is strong, but it is vulnerable to attacks from the enemy. We need our Messiah so that we can receive his covering. Jesus defeated the enemy. If we don’t accept his works, we will continue to be attacked. The rubble could represent the torn world that we live in. God still sees his Jewish people as the core of a solid and ancient religion. This religion is strong and has persevered for thousands of years. However, we need to be completely fulfilled in our Messiah.