"Faith is the Lord"

This was a vision from God. I had woken up early and was reading Matthew and Luke in bed, mostly studying the genealogy of Christ. I turned out the light and was drifting back to sleep. As I was peering into the darkness, I suddenly saw a small illuminated circle of what appeared to be blue waters. Something was drawing me in, and as I began to press into the circle, I suddenly felt the presence of God come upon me. My emotions held strong, and as I broke through, I saw nothing but a blurry image. I began to focus on the image, and suddenly I saw what appeared to be a vintage TV set (1960's era). As I focused on the TV, I saw an old-style cartoon (typical of the same era). In the cartoon, I saw the image of a large, heavyset man with a long beard; he appeared to be sleeping on his back on an ornate poster or canopy bed. The bedroom was also much decorated. A reddish brown colored wolf was devouring the man and eating him from the groin up to his stomach. I then heard a beautiful song, it was very uplifting, and the only lyrics I remembered of it were: “Faith is the Lord, whatever will be, will be.” I saw a dark shadow come into the dream from the side. The shadow appeared to have horns on its head. Then I awoke.

That evening, my wife and I were walking over to another hotel. In the lobby, I saw several Hassidic rabbis. I was drawn to one man. Overcoming my shyness, I approached and intruded myself. We spoke for a little while. Later that evening as I was thinking about his encounter, it appeared to me the man in the dream might have been the same as in the lobby. I also felt he might have been the same mutilated man I saw in an earlier dream.

 This dream represents everything revealed in earlier dreams. It focuses on your role as an intercessor with the Jewish people. Pray for them. Donna and Carrie.

God is faith, both his covenant with Abraham and his renewed covenant in Christ. We are to have faith no matter what happens. It is how we will overcome the enemy, and it is what will bring salvation.

Jam 5:15 And the prayer offered in faith will restore the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up, and if he has committed sins, they will be forgiven him.

I also feel the dream confirms the earlier one “The Enemy Attacking the Jewish People,” in that it shows that the Jewish people are asleep and that the enemy is attacking them.

Jer 5:6 Therefore a lion from the forest will slay them, A wolf of the deserts will destroy them, A leopard is watching their cities. Everyone who goes out of them will be torn in pieces, Because their transgressions are many, Their apostasies are numerous.

God wants to redeem his chosen people, but that redemption must come through the atoning works of Christ. On a personal note I found it interesting that God heard my request that he does not reveal horrible things to me, so in this dream, he portrayed everything as a cartoon. God does listen, but equally important, he answers back.